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How Brightspot is superior to any other CMS

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Brightspot is a ready-to-launch, extensible publishing platform that costs a fraction of what it would cost to build that same experience with your own internal resources (not to mention, the time it takes to bring your vision to market). Better yet, organizations can realize immediate cost savings and efficiencies through a secure, cloud-hosted solution that's backed by continuous monitoring and support.

Benefit (and save) with secure, reliable platform hosting and upgrades

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More than just a CMS platform, let Brightspot handle the technology overhead of hosting, storage and ongoing platform upgrades and enhancements. You never have to worry about exceeding storage and bandwidth limits, or getting surprise add-on costs to extend the capabilities of the CMS. Each Brightspot instance comes with 5 terabytes of monthly storage and bandwidth—and each instance is also hosted in a secure, cloud-based infrastructure, providing both peace of mind, control and transparency for your technology budget.

Accelerate time to value with CMS training and support

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With dedicated onboarding and training support, you and your teams can quickly learn about the CMS and extend its best features to achieve your business objectives. This includes training for both developers and publishers, live as well as on demand, as well as a robust library of training and support documentation. Looking to try before you buy? Activate a 30-day free trial to explore the product and see it it's right for your needs.

Manage the content process with zero dev overhead

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Developers are incredibly valuable to an organization, and they shouldn't be required for the day-to-day management of your sites and experiences. Developers are expensive and in high demand, coding takes time, and companies need to be free to utilize them where they add the most enterprise value. Likewise, content creators need to be able to move fast and freely. Tasks like creating new pages, updating workflows and managing user permissions, for example, should be handled without developer support—and with Brightspot, they can be. No dependencies on any code, configuration, tickets or development requests to make it possible.

A no-code/low-code publishing platform that's endlessly customizable

Brightspot Styleguide
Brightspot Styleguide

Brightspot requires essentially zero code. Everything you need to launch a new site or app is available right from the start. In a few mouse clicks, editors can make custom content types to fit specific use cases, and Brightspot automatically generates the corresponding user interfaces so content teams can begin right away. Workflows are instantly available to guide a piece of content through the right steps before publishing. For additional customization, Brightspot’s theme engine takes things a step beyond. The theme engine, by default, requires no code; however, if you want to do your own theme development on top of what Brightspot offers, you can.

Go headless, decoupled or hybrid—the choice is yours now and in the future

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With Brightspot, you have options. Start headless or use one of Brightspot's front-end themes and customize from there. Need to change your approach in the future? No problem. One of the core values of Brightspot is that it eliminates the need to make this choice at all. With Brightspot, an organization can use pre-built content types and editorially customizable front-end themes to launch new experiences with astonishing speed while not impacting developers. Or it can choose to go headless—or do both at the same time with Brightspot CMS's hybrid-headless flexibility—taking advantage of the approach that best suits the project rather than being forced to make a choice that involves dependencies across an entire organization.


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