Optimize content creation and digital experiences with Brightspot CMS 4.7

Brightspot CMS 4.7 makes it easy to customize front-end digital experiences with a flexible design system, speeds up the content creation process using AI and collaboration features, improves content creation efficiency, and optimizes site performance.

Brightspot design system
Launch unique front-end experiences with ease
Brightspot’s robust, flexible Design System comes with hundreds of pre-built templates, styles, behaviors and interactions for Brightspot users to get started with on day one. They can also choose to easily modify, extend or fully customize these pre-built assets with or without code, so your digital experiences perfectly fit your brand and can be easily changed over time.
New 4.7 content creation features
Speed up the content creation process
Our powerful integration with OpenAI provides suggestions for headlines and full body text for articles and blog posts to make content creation a breeze, while enhanced search features allow users to make changes to content directly from the search view - without ever opening a single asset.

Set up personalized content monitoring to stay updated on changes to specific content pieces and use in-platform production guides for step-by-step guidance on modules so you can navigate the CMS confidently.
4.7 integrations in Brightspot
Import externally-created content directly into the CMS
Integrations with Shopify, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and SharePoint enable you to easily and rapidly transform externally-created content into Brightspot CMS content types with the click of a button. AI-driven auto tagging and taxonomy capabilities reduce the manual burden of content categorization, ensuring organization and easy discoverability.