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Revolutionizing content creation: Brightspot 4.7 unveils new features, functionalities and more to optimize the user experience

Introducing Brightspot 4.7—our latest release designed to streamline content creation and front-end customization. Packed with features to power efficient content creation like enhanced CMS search, AI-powered content assistance and a new extensible design framework, Brightspot is here to transform your daily content creation needs.

Launch unique front-end experiences with our robust Design System

Brightspot CMS 4.7 furthers our core value of extensibility with the addition of a new flexible approach to the front-end presentation layer, the Brightspot Design System. CMS users can start with the Design System and modify it as much or as little as needed. You can customize colors, fonts and more with a no-code interface or download the design system to embark on your own completely customizable software project (one that's achievable with 80 percent or more of the framework, modules and code samples you need for a successful site launch already in place).

Brightspot design system
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Brightspot Design System

Speed up the content creation process with OpenAI, search and watcher enhancements and step-by-step guides

Our Generative AI Assistant harnesses AI capabilities from OpenAI to provide content suggestions, improving headline creation and overall text generation for articles and blog posts. This addition will expedite content creation and enhance the delivery of segmented content experiences.

Brightspot CMS UI screenshot
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Brightspot 4.7 - OpenAI Integration

Brightspot is elevating its search capabilities through a number of standout features that are available with version 4.7.

The new Quick View feature allows users to instantly view and make decisions about assets directly from the search interface, without ever having to click into the asset. This functionality is intended to streamline content review and approval processes, driving increased productivity across teams.

Brightspot CMS UI screenshot
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Brightspot 4.7 - CMS Search Quick View

The Search Board View is another noteworthy addition, revolutionizing how content is managed. It introduces an intuitive drag-and-drop experience, enabling users to effortlessly organize and manipulate content within chosen categories. Additionally, improved save and share options enhance collaboration by enabling users to set and save customized views of their content, fostering efficient editorial processes.

Brightspot CMS UI screenshot

The new Search Collections option is a feature designed to streamline your asset organization. Whether it's collaborating on content sets or organizing assets for specific purposes, Collections provide a curated grouping of diverse asset types. From articles to images, videos to landing pages, the possibilities are endless. What's even more exciting is the ability to share these collections among team members, enabling collaborative content creation and strategic review for all your content and publishing plans.

Brightspot CMS UI screenshot

Combined, these search features represent our commitment to refining the flow of content and reducing the annoyance of extra-click frustrations for Brightspot CMS users.

The upgraded Watchers feature works in tandem with our notifications system to alert users of changes or updates to assets they're interested in (but not necessarily assigned to write or edit), streamlining asset tracking and reducing distractions.

Brightspot CMS UI screenshot

The introduction of Production Guides provides in-context assistance, enabling users to receive real-time guidance when creating content. This intuitive help system can be applied to module fields and CMS widgets, providing teams and content creators the help they need, when they need it.

Brightspot CMS UI screenshot

Reshape your content management experience with powerful new CMS integrations

A suite of new integrations is poised to transform and streamline the CMS editing and publishing experience.

First, the integration with Google Analytics 4 enables the collection and display of front-end data within the CMS. Users can connect their GA4 accounts, gather metrics and visualize the data through existing CMS widgets, reducing the need for context switching between the CMS and analytics tools.

Brightspot CMS analytics dashboard screenshot

Version 4.7’s Google Drive Integration empowers users to import Google Docs and Sheets, seamlessly converting them into various Brightspot content types. This functionality supports collaborative workflows, allowing teams to work on content externally before integrating it into Brightspot for publishing.

Google Drive CMS integration for Brightspot CMS promo graphic
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Integration spotlight: Google Drive

Similarly, the new Microsoft Integration allows users to import Word Docs and Excel sheets from Sharepoint or OneDrive into Brightspot content types. This integration streamlines the content creation process by eliminating the need for redundant data entry and fostering an efficient workflow.

A powerful new Shopify Integration is the ultimate integration for content-to-commerce use cases. Users have the power to seamlessly import Shopify products directly into the CMS and display them in various content types and experiences within Brightspot.

shopify integration promo
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Integration spotlight: Shopify

These integrations are supplemented by several improvements that include AI autotagging of images through Google Vision, refined Google Analytics 4 support with customizable event tracking, improved Brightcove import tasks and updated libraries.

Get going faster today by upgrading to 4.7

With Brightspot 4.7, unleash your business' potential with a flexible and robust Design System to create exceptional front-end experiences with ease. Seamlessly orchestrate your content publishing journey through improved search functionalities, AI-guided assistance and optimized collaboration tools, and stay on top of your site's health in real time with proactive alerts.


Interested in upgrading to Brightspot 4.7?

Reach out to your dedicated Brightspot account representative to discover the full spectrum of enhancements and options available for upgrading. Experience the future of content creation with Brightspot 4.7—an upgrade that will revolutionize your efficiency, creativity and content management workflows.

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