Brightspot design system

Brightspot Design System

The robust and flexible Brightspot Design System makes it easy for anyone to customize their front-end using our pre-built presentation layer components. Utilize them without code, extend them quickly with low code or completely customize them, so that your digital experiences perfectly fit your brand, budget, and goals now and over time.

Create compelling digital experiences faster

Break free from limitations
Get a comprehensive pre-built, modular, presentation layer consisting of templates, styles, behaviors and interactions that can be modified, extended or fully customized to suit your budgets and goals.
Get going right away
Our pre-built, modular, presentation layer components save you considerable time and expense even when you do choose to customize with developers.
Start projects 90% done
Complete projects far more quickly and efficiently, at dramatically lower cost, by starting 80-90% done and customizing only what needs to be customized.

Empowering leading brands

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less than 30
days to launch new digital newsroom
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content creation with same resources
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less than 60 days
days from project kick off to launch

See how the Design System works

The Brightspot Design System is powerful and ready to use, however you want to use it — "no code", "low code" or as a starting point for a fully custom design.
Choose layouts, colors, styles, fonts and other Design attributes directly within the Brightspot CMS, no designers or code required at all. Create and launch new content in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.
Extend Brightspot's Design System with industry-standard, low code CSS, JavaScript, and Handlebars templates to create the specific Presentation Layer you want, without the time and expense you don't.
Utilize a design team (yours, ours, or anyone elses) and create a professional software project for a fully custom presentation layer with no limitations, at a fraction of the time and expense of other platforms.

Learn more with these resources

With hundreds of pre-built templates, styles, behaviors and interactions, Brightspot users can get started on day one.
See how the Design System helps you stay competitive in today's fast-paced digital landscape.
The team at FedEx is now empowered to maintain and evolve their global brand design with ease thanks to the Brightspot Design System.
In the high-stakes world of digital experiences, content teams need tools that are not just robust but also intuitive and agile.
The Brightspot Design System empowered the DispatchHealth team to end their dependence on designers every time they wanted to make a change.
The Brightspot Design System minimizes development time and maximizes output - the ultimate secret weapon.

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