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Explore our library of videos and articles to get the most out of your Brightspot CMS instance. This collection of how-to guides and tips will ensure you can understand and leverage powerful CMS features like its robust rich-text editor, workflow tools, developer resources, search interface—and much, much more!
Brightspot provides a number of built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features that you can enable or review with any site launch. Here's a punch list of things to keep in mind as you make a play to win at SEO.
When we talk about localizing content in Brightspot CMS, we start by referring to translations. Once a piece of content is translated for a local audience, editors can then use variations to present the right information across multiple languages and locales.
A permanent fixture to the right of the Brightspot CMS RTE and live-preview pane, the right rail widget offers easy access to powerful publishing tools for managing asset URLs, sharing content between sites, revision history and more.

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Looking to learn more about data modeling and back-end development using Brightspot? Start with this training, led by our world-class team of experts.
Customize the CMS dashboard for individual users or for different teams based in their workflow needs—all without any dev overhead or extra IT help required, meaning you and your teams can stay efficient and publish fast.
Quickly and effortlessly make the changes you need to your homepage section pages and landing pages, update page layouts, add new modules or rearrange existing modules—all without any developer or third-party assistance.
Let's take a look at how editors can easily create new content types in the CMS without requiring dev support.
With best-in-class editorial tools and robust admin features, Brightspot brings agility, speed and sanity back into the lives of publishers.
Create newsletter content inside the CMS and syndicate out to email service providers like Mailchimp to engage with audiences via your email-marketing programs. See how easy it is here to set up Mailchimp newsletters in the CMS using this powerful integration.

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