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Brightspot CMS 4.7 is designed to revolutionize the way businesses create, manage and optimize the content process. This latest release offers an array of cutting-edge features that will enable users to create exceptional content with unprecedented speed, efficiency and ease, while maximizing digital performance. Plus, our new, flexible Design System makes it easy to customize front-end digital experiences with or without code.

Introducing Brightspot 4.7, our latest release tailored to enhance your content creation process and make it easy to customize front-end experiences. This version introduces a range of practical new features designed to improve your efficiency and streamline your tasks.
Brightspot 4.7 revolutionizes content efficiency and collaboration. Discover seamless asset review, efficient organization with drag-and-drop, streamlined bulk editing, real-time guidance, and more.
Our CMS product and development teams have poured their collective energies and expertise into creating features that will not only streamline your content workflows but also inspire innovation and creativity. Hear more from SVP of Platform Product Management, Meredith Rodkey, on the 4.7 release.

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