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Inside Brightspot: Mailchimp integration

Create newsletter content inside the CMS and syndicate out to email service providers like Mailchimp to engage with audiences via your email-marketing programs. See how easy it is here to set up Mailchimp newsletters in the CMS using this powerful integration.


[SPEAKER 1] Let's say that like many publishers, you want to increase the reach and engagement of your web content by syndicating it to your audience of your email. If you're doing this today, you're likely well aware of how challenging and time consuming it can be to get published content out of your content management system and into your email service provider.

Thanks to Brightspot's Mailchimp integration, you can create your newsletters in Brightspot. Typically in just a few minutes, it's incredibly quick and simple to get content from Brightspot to your Mailchimp email service provider and extremely simple to format it, test it, schedule it and measure your email content performance.

Start by creating your newsletter a Brightspot content type. You can do this via the plus button in the header or via the quick start widget. Add a header with your logo and brand and then use the Add Content widget to place promos, lists, quotes, rich text or HTML embeds into your newsletter. Maybe start by adding a quote to set the tone and then select the specific content you'd like to include in your email. You can filter the search by content type to quickly find the specific articles, posts, episodes, or other content you want to include or maybe add a dynamically generated list of stories you had created previously.

Now let's select the content you want to include in your newsletter. Have a look at it in preview and add any rich text, HTML or other elements you need until you are ready to publish your newsletter. Once you hit the publish button, notice that a create campaign widget from Mailchimp automatically appears on the right rail below the site's widget here, you can choose an audience list, a segment, give your campaign a title in the subject line. Even update the default from name or reply to address all without leaving Brightspot.

Hit the create campaign button and your new campaign is saved to your email service provider. At this point you can decide what you want to do next: test the email, schedule it for later deployment or send it out.

Let's go ahead and test this one. Enter individual email addresses or a comma delimited list, say, if you have a larger group of approvers—and hit send. It happens in a matter of seconds and you'll see a green check mark and the successfully sent test emails message. Then you can pop over to your email inbox and have a look once you're happy.

That's the way your email looks. Now, you can schedule it to be deployed at any point in the future or if you'd like go ahead and send it out right now, all within seconds, with no cumbersome back and forth between Brightspot and your email service provider or any messy copying and pasting or difficult HTML formatting to make it look right.

Finally, once your email has been sent out, you can immediately monitor the performance of your campaign—opens, clicks and all of your important metrics—right there in Brightspot as you can see with our frictionless email service provider integration, you've deployed a newsletter in maybe two minutes, all within one platform.

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