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Inside Brightspot: Marketo forms integration

Seamlessly connect to your marketing stack by adding forms for email signups, event registrations, gated downloads and more without ever leaving the CMS. And sleep easy knowing all customer inputs flow automatically to your CRM of choice via Marketo.


[Speaker 1] If you manage a digital experience of any kind, odds are you use forms in a variety of ways to power critical functionality across that experience: gating content assets, facilitating newsletter signups or paid subscriptions, event registrations or letting customers request information about your products and services, all of which play a critical role in growing engaging or monetizing your audience.

These forms not only provide a critical vehicle for gathering data or information from your audience, they also serve as a vital conduit for getting that data and information from your customer to where you need it to go. Typically deep into your Adobe- or Salesforce-powered marketing tech stack where it can be acted on by different members of your organization.

If you were doing this today, you're likely well aware of just how challenging this can be to implement and execute across your experiences and how much time can be required to make it work properly. Not to mention, when you need to make changes or updates.

Thanks to Brightspot's frictionless integration with Marketo forms, it's extremely quick and easy to grab your forms and pull them seamlessly into Brightspot. Edit and style them and drop them anywhere you want in your online experience, confident that all of their data will flow into the back end of your tech stack without any coding, copying, pasting or wondering if they're going to work properly.

Okay, let's start by creating a new third-party form, a Brightspot content type (third party simply meaning that this form is being pulled from an external system into Brightspot). You can do this via the plus button in the header or via the quick start widget. Choose the type of form you want to create and select from a list of all the forms available in your Marketo instance. You can filter the search to narrow down your selection, making it easy to find the form you're looking for. Select the one you want and there it is ready for you to edit style and publish.

You can be confident that any changes you make in Brightspot will only apply to what shows up on your website and won't break anything on your Marketo back end.

Let's give it a title and a description, and when you hit publish, note that all the fields on that form, even the hidden ones, automatically populate in Brightspot and give you the opportunity to edit how they will appear on your site. Let's go ahead and make a couple edits. Maybe in this case job title and industry are not required fields and perhaps state is not relevant at all. So we'll remove it. Note that in preview your changes have taken effect. Hit publish again to pick up your updates and you're all set.

Now let's say you want to have this form appear in the right rail of every article on your website. You certainly don't want to have to edit all those articles. Thankfully with Brightspot's powerful overrides feature, you can easily do this in second. Choose the article, scroll down to aside (otherwise known as right rail), hit the add module button, select the form you want—and you're all set. You can go have a look at any article and there is your form. If you want to, you can fill it out to test and all of your data will flow seamlessly through to your back-end marketing tech from every article on your Brightspot site, all in a matter of minutes.

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