Brightspot Intranet

An intranet isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. Every company is unique—and so their Intranet experience should be uniquely personalized for the organization.

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A CMS Built To Connect Your Organization

With Brightspot, share real-time news updates with an intranet that improves internal communication, encourages collaboration and connects with audiences across time zones and locations.

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Brightspot offers easy authentication with your existing systems, whether your IT department uses Active Directory, SAML, LDAP or another system.
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Employee Profiles
Brightspot's granular user and roles permissioning system allows admins to create custom roles that set site, tool, and content-level permissions for all users.
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Corporate Content Types
An intranet contains assets that a website does not. In addition to articles, images and videos, Brightspot allows you to upload and store documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other corporate collateral.
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Rapid Publishing
Write, edit, and publish content faster and more easily than ever with the word-processing-like experience of Brightspot's rich text editor.
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Find exactly what you're looking for– whether it's within Brightspot or from select third-party databases– with persistent, contextual search from anywhere in the CMS.
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Dynamically customize your intranet experience for employees based on their location, job function, tenure and other factors.