A Brightspot Case Study

Leveraging Multisite Capabilities to Strengthen Brand Consistency

Billy Casper CMS Platform

Leveraging multisite capabilities to strengthen brand consistency and increase launch speed for the nation’s largest golf course operator.

The Challenge: In the midst of significant business growth, Billy Casper Golf (BCG) was struggling to launch and maintain course sites fast enough. The process of designing and launching a new site for each golf course created significant overhead for BCG, eating into margins associated with course deals and making it more difficult to get clubs on board.

Sports CMS Example

The Brightspot Solution: Implementing Brightspot allowed BCG to consolidate systems and manage all web properties from a single authoring point, simplifying user management, improving the editorial experience, and streamlining website development. Project highlights include:

  • The ability to develop and launch beautiful new course sites in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.
  • Website options that allow every managed club to choose from simple to more premium, feature-rich templates.
  • A custom event-management and registration tool that integrates with the platform to support the thousands of events hosted at BCG golf courses around the world.
Sports CMS Software

With multisite capabilities backed by a powerful content management engine, Brightspot enabled Billy Casper Golf to effectively scale its business, increase brand consistency, and maximize value for present and future clients.

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