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Streamlining Caracol's content operation to deliver cost savings and a digital edge

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In spite of the challenges of a global pandemic, Caracol TV successfully replatforms on Brightspot Content Business Platform in just four months.

By the numbers

Site traffic increase in 1st week after launch
Months from selection to launch
Number of new sites, including Caracol Noticias and Gol TV

Fully-trained Caracol teams now handle nearly all of the development work

    Caracol TV is the leading television network in Colombia, akin to NBC, ABC or CBS in the United States. Caracol's news division alone has over 15 million monthly average users. In addition to news, the network also produces sports and entertainment content. Over 5,000 employees work at Caracol to create and deliver quality content that is key to the company's success.

    The challenge

      Caracol's primary goal in working with Brightspot was to reduce costs by streamlining multiple content tools, hosting environments and technology solutions. Overall, the network wanted to improve knowledge between journalists and various departments for enhanced content production.

      Recognizing that the media industry was facing historic, ongoing disruption, Caracol more broadly sought to transform their content business quickly to get ahead of the curve. The company knew that it needed the right solutions to stay relevant at a time when many media organizations are struggling to survive. What's more, the move to a digital-first world prompted by COVID-19 further accelerated the need for a transformation. Caracol enlisted Brightspot soon before the pandemic hit, leaving the business with an added challenge of wanting to accomplish a quick and seamless deployment while dealing with remote editorial and operations teams.

      The Brightspot solution

        Brightspot and Caracol worked together for four months, from selection to go-live. In that time, Caracol successfully migrated all of the content publishing and management for its six sites to the Brightspot Content Business Platform. Even though each site has different designs and structure, all teams can now manage them from the same place.

        What made this a true success story was the fact that this project was done almost entirely remotely, with contributors from the U.S., Colombia, Argentina and Ireland, as well as full Spanish-language resources from Caracol's side interacting with the Brightspot team. Despite the circumstances, Caracol and Brightspot have ultimately delivered a unified, rich multimedia experience now serving more than 30 million monthly unique visitors.

        Today, Brightspot helps all six sites share and reuse content between teams, who benefit from the the ability to set up workflows within each newsroom and assign permissions to creators. For instance, a reporter could seamlessly connect her article with a photo from one colleague and a radio clip from another team, all in one place. Also, in order to satisfy Caracol's focus on digital evolution, Brightspot makes it easy to integrate different and new media types, such as videos, into content. When development teams add new features using Brightspot, they can be implemented across sites and teams, supporting the need to only develop once and use everywhere.

        Project highlights

        1. The success of Brightspot's solution for Caracol was evident almost immediately, with the network seeing site traffic increase by 20% in the first week.
        2. Another key success of the project was training Caracol's team to operate the new solution, with the development team able to become self-sufficient quickly. The first training was in mid-January, and by early March the Caracol team was fully trained.
        3. The new tech infrastructure makes it easier for the team to launch digital experiences for their audiences. With the tools provided by Brightspot, Caracol is improving products daily and enhancing efforts such as SEO and social media.
        4. One of Caracol's main goals, cost reduction, is being realized. Brightspot provides many tools that Caracol doesn't have to contract with other providers. Additionally, the company is spending less on developing new features, and saving employee time that can be applied instead to maintaining the tech stack.  
        5. What makes this deployment most remarkable is the quick implementation, training and migration of the entire editorial and operations team during an economic and global pandemic crisis. Teams working remotely from their homes across countries and time zones delivered a successful operation in record time. Having the new solution will help Caracol succeed during the pandemic and well after.

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