A Brightspot Case Study

Replatforming to Drive Rapid Digital Publishing and Personalization

Delivering real-time, subscription-based political news on a global scale.

The Challenge: With their sights set on global expansion, the team at POLITICO realized it was time to transition from an outdated, homegrown CMS system to a modern content management platform. In order to improve editorial efficiency and better execute on its business strategy, POLITICO needed an extensible, multi-channel, real-time publishing solution that would provide stakeholders—both journalists and developers alike—with the freedom to operate self-sufficiently.


The Brightspot: Brightspot empowered the expansion of POLITICO’s coverage beyond Washington DC to additional states and global markets, across three sites: POLITICO, POLITICO PRO, and POLITICO Magazine. All of these enhanced sites are managed within one integrated, editorial interface. Additional project highlights include:

  • A centralized content repository that provides enterprise-wide access and encourages reuse and repurposing of shared content.
  • The ability to launch new page and site experiences quickly and easily without reliance on developers.
  • Subscription, license, and user management across POLITICO.com and POLITICO PRO within the same CMS platform, while providing users SSO capabilities.
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Brightspot gives POLITICO the editorial freedom that fuels creativity—and the competitive edge that feeds the business side of news media.

Politico and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Using AWS and the Beam tool suite provides many benefits for Politico, including:

  • High availability using AWS's storage, CDN, and traffic-sensitive scaling capabilities.

  • Low latency delivery using a CDN to serve content, whether it's text or multi-media, closer to the consumer.

  • Rapid infrastructure change using Beam and the AWS SDK to spin up new environments and expand or modify existing ones on the fly.

  • Safe installation of Brightspot updates with no downtime using a blue/green deployment model.
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