A Brightspot Case Study

Smoother Publishing and Cost Savings with a Headless CMS


Unifying disparate systems and reducing overhead costs with a powerful, headless solution.

The Challenge: After leveraging several CMS platforms to manage all of its digital properties, Televisa decided it was time to replatform its sites on to one, multi-site, headless CMS. The ideal solution would streamline all backend functions, give their developers full frontend control, and make it easy to create and launch future sites independently.

Brightspot improved the quality of life for our editorial team, who can now manage sites, collaborate, and publish experiences faster and more seamlessly than ever to meet the demands of our audience. It also empowered our development team, giving them total control of the look and feel of our platform.
Juan Antonio Beckman, Chief Technology Officer, Televisa

The Brightspot: Over the course of five months, Televisa’s frontend developers and editorial teams worked side by side with the Perfect Sense team learning Brightspot. After migrating all of its content and creating a model with the first headless site launch—Las Estrellas—a total of 9 sites were replatformed in just five months. Project highlights include:

  • The ability to manage all digital properties with one CMS, unifying disparate systems and greatly reducing overhead costs.
  • A custom built tool called style selector that gives Televisa the ability to preview and control every output of Brightspot code.
  • Built-in robust localization and translation capabilities that make it possible for a multi-lingual team to easily switch between languages and share content in both Spanish and English.

Today, Televisa manages 9 sites—8 of which are headless—from one powerful, multisite CMS saving the organization both time and money.

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