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Integration spotlight: Google Ad Manager

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Google Ad Manager is a free tool that helps advertisers manage and optimize multiple accounts and campaigns through a single dashboard. With the Google Ad Manager Brightspot integration, you can pull in Google ads to your published assets.

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Google Ad Manager—earlier known, and occasionally still referred to, as Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)—supports multiple ad exchanges and networks, including Google AdSense. The service provides a central place to monetize all ad inventory types (websites, mobile apps, videos, games, etc.) and boost ad effectiveness and ROI with access to reporting, access control and consolidated billing resources. Easily make updates across accounts, including changing daily budgets and pausing campaigns.

Google Ad Manager and Brightspot: How it works

With Brightspot's integration with Google Ad Manager, you can pull in Google ads to your published assets. Visit our Google Ad Manager integration guide to see how to configure and manage this out-of-the-box advertising integration.

Google Ad Manager and Brightspot: Use Cases

  • A media publisher looking to monetize its content assets and pages with ad inventory applies the Google Ad Manager integration through Brightspot. Using a shared module, Google Ads from vetted advertisers that align with the publisher’s core audience appear in identified stories. 
  • A hotel brand publishes a listicle-style feature story on the “10 Small-Town Summer Vacation Destinations”, supported by a paid social media/SEO campaign and e-newsletter push to loyalty members. To capitalize on strong traffic to its website, Google Ad Manager ads are strategically placed within the article.
  • A women’s fashion brand wants to generate ad revenue from its online product listings using remnant ads. By logging in to its Google Ad Manager account directly through Brightspot, the company seamlessly fills unused modules with timely and relevant ads.
Google Ad Manager is an ad integration that allows you to create your ads in Google and pull them into your Brightspot content.


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