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Integration spotlight: Apple News

With the Apple News integration, Brightspot allows qualifying publishers to easily create and distribute engaging articles to their Apple News channels.

Image of Apple News logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS

Apple News is subscription-based app that aggregates the day’s top stories from trusted sources—blogs, video publications, magazines, newspapers and more—into a single feed for a seamless reading experience across devices. Advanced algorithms sort news by topic and publisher, and help readers discover stories they find interesting. The Apple News integration with Brightspot lets publishers deliver their content published in the CMS to Apple News.

Apple News and Brightspot: How it works

The integration requires sites to have a qualified Apple News Channel, which can be organized into multiple Apple News Sections. Publishers can create multiple Apple News Sections, but one must serve as the default.

Before delivering content published in Brightspot to Apple News, publishers must first enable the Apple News integration at the global level and then associate an Apple News Channel to Brightspot. Once the Apple News integration is configured, publishers can take a number of administrative actions seamlessly within Brightspot.

Apple News and Brightspot: Use cases

  • An online publication focused on geopolitics and policy publishes three timely news stories every morning and then funnels them, via Brightspot, into its Apple News Channel to deliver them into the feeds of relevant Apple News subscribers.
  • A men’s health magazine is running a series of stories about summer workout trends. Using the Brightspot Apple News integration, editors can automatically push each piece into its Apple News Channel to reach readers interested in lifestyle/fitness content.
The Apple News integration provides the ability for content published in Brightspot to be delivered to Apple News.

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