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Integration spotlight: Microsoft OneDrive

Explore the convenience of integrated search technology that seamlessly connects your Brightspot CMS platform with Microsoft OneDrive, simplifying the process of file uploads and eliminating the complexities of managing multiple document versions.

Experience the advantages of streamlined integrated search technology that bridges your content-management platform and external document repositories like Microsoft OneDrive.

Through this integration, content creators can avoid the hassle of searching for scattered files, saving valuable time and ensuring precise content ownership and version management.

Microsoft OneDrive and Brightspot: How it works

Brightspot CMS smoothly integrates with OneDrive via API, allowing users to effortlessly search for and import files without interrupting their workflow.

This integration facilitates asset conversion, enabling transformations like turning Word Docs into Articles or Blog Posts, or Excel sheets into Sections, Tags, or Users.

Once an asset is linked to Brightspot, any modifications made to the original OneDrive asset are automatically synchronized with the corresponding asset in Brightspot, removing the need for manual updates by content creators.

Microsoft OneDrive and Brightspot: Use cases

  • A corporate news team collaborates with an external PR agency to draft a press release about a new executive appointment. Stakeholders review the final document in OneDrive. After approval, the marketing team imports the press release into their CMS for publishing on the corporate website. Any subsequent edits to the original document in OneDrive seamlessly update the publicly available version through the CMS.
  • An organization's IT department is in the process of onboarding numerous new employees onto the new intranet hosted in the company's Brightspot instance. A comprehensive list of employee names, emails, roles, and permissions is maintained as a shared Excel spreadsheet in OneDrive. With the OneDrive integration, the CMS admin can import employees as new CMS users, ensuring access permissions and provisioning remain up-to-date with the one-directional sync to the original resource.

The Brightspot OneDrive integration will be available to Brightspot CMS customers operating on version 4.7 of the platform. Please connect with your Brightspot account representative to learn more and discuss upgrade options for your project.

File storage

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