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Integration spotlight: Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, the CRM product more commonly recognized as Salesforce Pardot, is a marketing automation tool that helps marketers identify potential customers likely to convert and collaborate with sales teams for lead nurturing, deal closure and ROI optimization.

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Salesforce Pardot—which the company officially renamed to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement in 2022—is a marketing automation tool that enables marketers to identify prospective customers that are most likely to convert.

The solution helps marketing and sales teams work together to find and nurture leads, close deals, and maximize ROI by communicating with prospects in the right way, at the right time. It provides users detailed information about each prospect. As an add-on to the Salesforce CRM platform, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement offers email marketing, prospect data capture, prospect behavior tracking and scoring.

Salesforce Pardot and Brightspot: How it works

With the Pardot integration easily setup on Brightspot, publishers can incorporate forms into Brightspot assets and capture user data, activate marketing campaigns and analyze consumer trends and data from across their digital properties.

These forms are created inside Pardot’s point-and-click form builder on the customer's Salesforce platform. Once set up, publishers can access and use these forms in the Brightspot CMS, with the corresponding form capture passing into the customer's CRM.


Salesforce Pardot and Brightspot: Use cases

  • A home and auto insurance company relies on its sales team to convert prospects into policyholders. Using leads gathered through its Salesforce Pardot CRM setup, representatives are able to engage qualified customers who have expressed interest in the company’s products, leading to a higher close rate.
  • A home and garden magazine’s subscription department launches its annual sales drive to boost readership and revenue. This includes an email campaign touting a limited-time special offer available exclusively on its website. The customer data collected via subscription forms on the website empowers the team to focus their efforts on acquiring new subscribers with this special offer.
With the Salesforce Pardot integration, you incorporate Pardot forms into Brightspot assets, and receive corresponding reports.


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