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Integration spotlight: Brightcove


Brightcove is a cross-platform, HTML5-first video player that loads quickly, delivers high-quality across desktop and mobile platforms, and integrates with leading advertising and analytics systems. With the Brightspot integration, you can automatically ingest content from your Brightcove Video Cloud account into the CMS and add it to your website or app.

Image of brightcove logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS

Brightcove Video Cloud lets publishers deliver fast, TV-like experiences out-of-the-box and insert ads to drive revenue. By using CSS and JavaScript, you can create customized video experiences for your audiences. The Brightcove plugin lets you access videos managed through Brightcove and modify content—such as adding close-captioning or changing a headline—before publishing. Brightcove videos are also indexed and searchable through the CMS. Other user benefits include a seek bar that lets viewers quickly and easily jump to a specific point in the video in seconds; a clear video description bar; and easy-to-use volume and mute controls.

Brightcove and Brightspot: How it works

The Brightcove plugin provides access to videos that you manage with the Brightcove online video provider. You can modify content that originated in Brightcove, such as headline, and add new content to those video items. The plugin requires a Brightcove Video Cloud account. Visit our Brightcove integration guide to learn how to configure and manage this out-of-the-box video integration.

Brightcove and Brightspot: Use Cases

  • A publicly traded company is posting its quarterly earnings announcement to the investors section of its website. Using the Brightspot integration, a Brightcove video interview with the company’s CEO is embedded in the body of the article. 
  • A quick-serve restaurant chain is promoting a new lineup of sandwiches on its mobile app. To deliver a more visually rich user experience, a TV commercial featuring the menu items is added to the app’s home screen.
  • To boost SEO visibility and average time on page, a sports magazine embeds a video highlight reel with customized text overlays in its written coverage of game six of the NBA Finals.
Import Brightcove video assets and metadata into Brightspot with bidirectional sync functionality and use your Brightcove player for your video experience on your sites or apps.


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