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CMS for complex content solutions

Manage your most complex and detailed content in a system that’s built to support varied and unique content types, intricate workflows and user- and team-specific roles and permissions.

A modern CMS platform can help your technical teams manage documentation libraries; help desk resources for internal and external customers; as well as create interconnectivity between essential internal systems and via third-party integrations.

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Real outcomes for customers

Here are just a few Brightspot customers leveraging the Brightspot CMS to manage a variety of complex internal applications, workflows and technical documentation. Talk to us today to see how we can help transform your technical support capabilities.
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Software changes. Make sure your documentation solution can keep pace.

We recently upgraded the Brightspot CMS documentation library on the same powerful engine used by our customers. Here's a preview of how it works.
Topic is a new content type developed for Brightspot documentation that serves as an individual asset, much like an Article.
Book and chapter
In addition to Topic, a new content type called Book now exists. As the name suggests, Book is a standalone work of chapters organized around a centralized idea that can be read from "cover to cover."
A snippet is a piece of modular content meant to save editors time as they create content.
Code snippet
Code block modules give developers a way to more intuitively present code snippets to their readers.
How-to module
How-to modules help writers serve larger pieces of content, like an entire step-by-step process, in a modular way to their readers.

The technical documentation features you need

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Modular content
Create once, distribute everywhere. With modular content, any asset can be repurposed and reused, saving your teams valuable time and money.
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Permalink/redirect management
Enjoy auto URL creation, plus 1:1 redirects on any asset. Need to sunset content? Easily handle vanity redirects and wildcards right from the CMS.
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Scheduled content
Complete a large series of back-end updates to your documentation without affecting the live site, then schedule those changes to go live when your team is ready.
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Integrated search
Search from anywhere in the CMS to locate content both in and out of the Brightspot platform (including documents from Google Drive or other repositories).
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Version control
Ensure only the most accurate content is displayed on the live site with collaborative editing and revisions while retaining full version history of any changes.
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Custom workflows
With the click of a button, create workflows that are designed to meet your unique business processes and streamline communication.

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