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Top 10 benefits of Brightspot for corporate intranets

Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof

As distributed workplaces become the norm, organizations need a digital intranet that fosters a secure and engaged community with personalized, contextually relevant interactions. To be successful, the intranet must have capabilities that make it easy to share diverse, relevant content that engages all employees. That's where Brightspot comes in, with solutions developed specifically to supply companies with everything they need to launch, run and evolve an intranet out of the box, from day one.

What is Brightspot?

For companies that are looking to transform fast, Brightspot's business-ready CMS allows companies—regardless of size or technical expertise—to launch their own fully functional digital experiences in record time, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations.

How can Brightspot take your intranet to the next level?

In our virtual-first world, intranets are a key part of creating community and culture experiences to engage a company’s workforce and build rapport with employees, no matter where they are. Keeping employees informed and engaged directly contributes to company success. In fact, it’s important to communicate with your employees as effectively as you communicate with your customers.

Being able to create content types and pages to quickly deliver personalized, content-rich intranet experiences builds loyalty and stronger relationships with employees—this is where Brightspot comes in.

Brightspot CMS benefits for corporate intranets

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Astonishing speed
In a virtual world, people want consistent touchpoints with their employer, so it’s important for leaders to be in constant communication with employees through easily accessible channels such as the intranet. Brightspot enables fast publishing so that employees can be updated regularly on events, benefits and more.
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    Unparalleled publishing experience
    Intranets benefit from the availability of plugins specific to personalization, enabling publishers to modify messages as well as look-and-feel across devices in order to cater to employees' unique preferences and needs.

    In addition to a best-in-class publishing interface, Brightspot includes native video support, secure authentication, robust user permissions and roles capabilities, and more to bring greater control as well as variety to your communications.
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      Reduced IT impact
      Brightspot lessens dependence on IT without compromising the intranet publishing experience, ensuring teams have the flexibility and agility needed to make regular updates and continue to effectively communicate with employees. In turn, IT resources are freed to focus on more urgent business and customer priorities and needs.
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      Flexible and future-proof
      Brightspot provides the ability to create any content type and page to suite employees' needs, including flexible templates for articles, listicles, galleries, and live blogs.

      It's also possible to create spaces in the intranet customized for various community or affinity groups. Those publishing on the intranet can easily cater to different employee segments and adapt based on evolving needs without having to invest in new solutions. 

      For the business buyer

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      Modular and global content capabilities
      Brightspot provides businesses finite control of their content to be able to distribute based on any device. Modular content capabilities allow you to create and update once, then publish everywhere, efficiently. This is incredibly important for a workforce that’s spread across different regions with different languages, allowing intranet publishers to customize content while keeping the message consistent.
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      Leadership needs to quickly create new experiences within the intranet for upcoming events, important notices, and much more. With Brightspot, intranet users can produce content at speed and volume to ensure messaging is always timely and relevant.

      Brightspot's theme engine also provides out-of-the-box layouts, templates, colors, fonts and styles that let you quickly create from thousands of world-class design options to engage different employee audiences and use cases.
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      Brightspot is grounded in personalization to ensure you’re delivering relevant, meaningful content to your workforce, which is key to success for a corporate intranet. Employees are diverse and have different needs, so an experience that can be easily personalized will drive the most impact. 

      For the technical buyer

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      For organizations looking to develop entirely with their own dev teams, with Brightspot, you can go headless, use a head or do both. Brightspot headless allows organizations to integrate proprietary sources, enterprise applications and other software to create a unified, customizable intranet in parallel with content creation and publishing in the CMS.

      Headless capabilities also support multisite consistency, which can be beneficial to an intranet solution. For example, a blog from the CEO could be published on the main corporate site for investors and easily modified for the intranet for different internal audiences.
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      Brightspot makes it possible to integrate additional third-party and proprietary systems into the publishing workflow. This includes video companion functionality for live events like employee town halls and webinars, newsletter integrations, and user authentication.

      Slack and HR tool integrations can be particularly useful for intranet users. Such integrations make it faster and easier to add functionality to the intranet that will get employees to spend time on it and engage.
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      Flexible and future-proof
      Brightspot gives you the freedom to innovate new intranet content experiences—whether that’s sites, apps, or even functionality that nobody has thought of yet—to ensure you can reach employees where they are now and in the future without ever needing a new intranet.


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