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BYU modernizes its digital presence by transitioning to Brightspot

When Brigham Young University, one of the nation’s oldest universities, realized they had a very modern problem—namely their content management systems were no longer serving the needs of the growing institution—they partnered with Brightspot to devise a powerful solution that would solve their current pain points and continue to serve their digital needs long into the future.

Beginning in June of this year, the private research university began transitioning its sites (including BYU News) to Brightspot.

Thanks to Brightspot’s natively multisite capabilities, teams at BYU can now quickly share essential content across multiple sites—a vital consideration for BYU’s many colleges, departments, educators and more than 33,000 students. Brightspot also allows BYU to create specific user roles so that writing, sharing, editing and even publishing content can be assigned to the appropriate people on their digital teams.

In addition, Brightspot will facilitates the setup of microsites to allow departments and professors to quickly stand up sites that allow students to access everything from essential projects to profiles in the way they prefer: online.

The limitations the university faced also extended to their front-end experience, resulting in broken images and dead-end experiences. To address these issues, the Brightspot team worked with BYU to thoroughly audit their websites and operations to identify ways to better optimize the overall site experience. Those solutions included using Brightspot’s live website preview, custom workflows and bulk image upload.

Finally, Brightspot’s best-in-class editorial tools and robust admin features empower teams at BYU to quickly embrace new publishing tools and trends, which will not only serve their needs now but also as the digital landscape continues to evolve in the future.

The company is proud to add BYU to its growing family of top global brands and leading global media companies that trust Brightspot to deliver optimal, highly personalized outcomes for their businesses. The invaluable feedback we receive from our customers drives the company’s commitment to constantly evolving Brightspot to suit—and exceed—every need.

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