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Boosting efficiency and reducing costs: TV Azteca's transformation with Brightspot CMS

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Discover how TV Azteca transformed its digital landscape with Brightspot CMS, gaining greater enhanced efficiency, agility and cost savings across dozens of sites across its media portfolio.

TV Azteca by the numbers

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$1 million
Annual cost savings with replatforming
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13 sites
Migrated off Adobe AEM
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7 months
Migration project timeline

The TV Azteca challenge

TV Azteca, Mexico's second-largest media company, faced significant challenges with their legacy content management system (CMS), Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Despite its initial benefits, AEM had become costly and time-consuming, hindering the company's digital innovation efforts. To maintain competitiveness as a high-volume publisher in the evolving digital landscape, TV Azteca needed a CMS technology partner that would enhance efficiency, ease of publishing, and reduce costs. They also sought a platform that could leverage artificial intelligence, big data tools, and other integrations for improved competitiveness.

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The Brightspot solution for TV Azteca

TV Azteca strategically decided to transition from AEM to Brightspot, a powerful and highly flexible CMS solution. They were impressed by Brightspot's team and their commitment to delivering customized solutions. Over a period of seven months, TV Azteca collaborated with Brightspot to develop a tailored solution that met their specific requirements. The solution included consolidating their multisite publishing into one CMS, enabling them to manage all sites and apps from a single authoring point. Additionally, Brightspot provided an Opta Sports data solution and a headless solution, allowing TV Azteca to program content for their six apps seamlessly.

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The outcome for TV Azteca

By migrating 13 different properties from AEM to Brightspot, TV Azteca experienced immediate benefits. Their content creators and developers experienced a significant increase in power, freedom, and agility. With the ability to manage all sites and apps from a single CMS, TV Azteca's editorial teams gained efficiency and ease of publishing. The integration of an Opta Sports data solution enhanced the editorial experience. Moreover, the replatforming decision resulted in substantial cost savings, with TV Azteca estimating average annual savings of $1 million compared to the previous CMS.

This successful transformation positioned TV Azteca for future success as one among many global media companies that rely on Brightspot to deliver highly personalized, fully optimized digital experiences for its audiences.

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TV Azteca in brief

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