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Caracol increases site traffic 20% in the first week, gains rapid development and superior editorial experience with its new multisite CMS instance

RESTON, VA and BOGOTA, Colombia (July 14, 2020) Brightspot and Caracol TV, the leading TV Network in Colombia, today announced Caracol TV has successfully migrated all of its content publishing and management for its multi-site operation on the Brightspot® CMS.

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By Brightspot Staff
November 23, 2020
In spite of the challenges of a global pandemic, Colombia's Caracol Televisión successfully replatformed onto Brightspot CMS in just four months.
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What makes this deployment remarkable is the quick implementation, training and migration of the entire editorial and operations team during an economic and global pandemic crisis that has forced everyone to work remotely from their homes. In four months, from selection to go-live, Brightspot and Caracol worked seamlessly to bring a rich multimedia experience to more than 30 million monthly unique visitors of their digital content.

“In the best of circumstances, migrating content publishing and launching a new system is a challenge, yet working with the Brightspot team across time zones and multiple geographies felt like a team effort with all of us working with one mind and one goal,” said Marcelo Liberini, Digital Vice President at Caracol TV.

The Brightspot CMS provides editors, developers, and digital teams a common set of tools and a single platform to manage and publish content across multiple newsrooms and websites. A key advantage of the Brightspot platform is the faster and more efficient collaboration among journalists who can share and re-use content across newsrooms. Digital teams gain a flexible content management system that allows them to easily leverage front-end designs to launch new digital content quickly.

Caracol also selected Brightspot to reduce costs by streamlining multiple hosting environments, tools, and maintaining disparate tech solutions. Currently, Caracol news and GOL, the sports site are live on Brightspot with plans to launch additional sites in the coming weeks.

“Brightspot was extremely proud to work with Caracol and its wonderful technology and editorial teams to help launch new digital experiences for their audiences. The new technology infrastructure makes it easier for their hard-working team to bring rich content to life every day,” said Eduardo Sunol, Senior Vice President for Latin America at Brightspot.

The Caracol development team learned to develop and implement the Brightspot CMS quickly and efficiently, despite working remotely across many cities, countries and time zones.

“This is a testament to how well our two companies worked together,” added Liberini. “The training we received from Brightspot enabled our development team to become self-sufficient quickly and we are confident of future projects launching successfully.”

About Caracol TV

Caracol TV is a Colombian free-to-air television network, owned by Valorem SA, headquartered in Bogota, Colombia. It also owns and operates the Bluradio network.

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