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DispatchHealth migrates off WordPress to Brightspot CMS in less than two months

DispatchHealth website launch promo
We had just two months to launch a new site that improved the overall positioning of our capabilities while delivering increased conversions for patients seeking care and maintaining a significant SEO footprint.
Andrea Pearson, Chief Growth Officer, DispatchHealth

The recent relaunch of the DispatchHealth website on Brightspot was a study in speed and flexibility.

Following the initial project kickoff in November 2021, the digital home for the Denver, Colorado-based healthcare provider got a major upgrade on January 6. The new site was built on the Brightspot framework and is backed by the publishing capabilities of the Brightspot CMS.

Previously hosted as a WordPress site, DispatchHealth site editors are now able to leverage dynamic publishing tools and workflows in the CMS to generate stories as well as manage and create pages for DispatchHealth's directory of healthcare-provider listings in markets throughout the U.S.

In total, almost a thousand pages were migrated off the company's previous WordPress CMS implementation in a project that took less than two months to deliver.

The Brightspot team made the daunting task of launching a new site in just two months possible with their can-do approach and a well-oiled, organized approach. They are amazingly responsive and a pleasure to work with.
Nicole Askari, Creative Director, DispatchHealth

Other project highlights included the ability to leverage a number of out-of-the-box Brightspot features that previously required the overhead of downloading and maintaining individual plugins from throughout the WordPress ecosystem.

Performance gains include highly optimized pages for search, as well as dedicated rich-snippet markup to ensure content on respective pages is appropriately classified for its medical content.

June 20, 2022
Initiated in November 2021, the digital home for DispatchHealth got a major upgrade in January 2022. The DispatchHealth.com site was migrated off WordPress in less than two months.
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