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TV Azteca, Mexico’s second-largest mass media company, replatforms on Brightspot

TV Azteca broadcaster

The multimedia conglomerate relaunched six sites and six apps on Brightspot.

Mexico’s TV Azteca, the country’s second-largest media company behind Televisa and one of the top producers of Spanish-language television programming in the world, relaunched six sites and six headless apps on Brightspot. The replatformed sites include TV Azteca, Azteca Uno, Azteca Siete, Azteca Deportes, Azteca Noticias, and a+ 7.2.

In 2018, TV Azteca determined it was time to transition away from their legacy CMS. Despite its benefits, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) had become too costly and time consuming, in turn inhibiting the company’s digital innovation. In order to remain competitive as a high-volume publisher and multimedia giant, TV Azteca required a CMS technology partner that would increase efficiency and ease of publishing for their editorial teams, while also reducing costs. Further, they sought a platform that optimized artificial intelligence, big data tools and other integrations that would enable them to be more competitive in the evolving digital landscape.

Ultimately, TV Azteca made the strategic choice to transition from AEM to Brightspot’s powerful, highly flexible and more budget-friendly solution. Impressed by the team behind Brightspot, and their commitment to delivering customized solutions to each of their partners, TV Azteca spent seven months collaborating to develop a solution that included features they loved, consolidating their multisite publishing into one CMS solution.

After moving 13 different properties off AEM and onto Brightspot, TV Azteca can now manage all sites and apps—as well as the content and styling for each—from a single authoring point. To bolster the editorial experience, the platform also gives the TV Azteca team an Opta Sports data solution and the ability to program all content in their six apps from one CMS, via a headless solution.

Thanks to Brightspot, TV Azteca’s content creators and developers now enjoy a significant increase in power, freedom and agility. What’s more, TV Azteca estimates that replatforming off of AEM will save the company an average of $1 million annually.

The company is proud to add TV Azteca to its growing family of leading global media companies that trust Brightspot to deliver optimal, highly personalized outcomes for their businesses.

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