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Amazon Translate

Automate your workflow for translating content to multiple languages with the Amazon Translate integration.

In just a few clicks, your content can be instantaneously translated to French, German, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish.

Adobe Experience Manager vs. Brightspot: Brightspot company logo
By Brightspot Staff
July 08, 2020
When your company needs to produce unique, content-rich digital experiences for audiences across the globe, you’re in charge of finding a CMS that comes equipped with the translation capabilities to support that.
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You can submit content to an online translation service directly from Brightspot, and then review the translation before final publication.

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Brightspot offers both machine and human -translation integration services to translate content quickly and intuitively, increasing engagement and maximizing efficiency by eliminating manual processes. Publishers save time and effort by leveraging integration services that can be configured to automatically import translations back into workflows, in native languages across the globe—without ever leaving the CMS.
With our Google Translate integration, you can publish content quickly and easily in native languages across the globe—without ever leaving the CMS.
Lingotek offers convenient cloud-based localization and translation to simplify the process of maintaining multilingual content. Get a personal translator right inside of your CMS with the Brightspot Lingotek integration.

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