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Busy teams of editors, designers or marketers are not always immediately hands-on as content is moving through the development and review process inside the CMS. Bring alerts directly into workplace collaboration software like Microsoft Teams to ensure your publishing workflows are seamless and efficient.
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Brightspot's Microsoft Teams integration supports the ability to receive CMS notifications via Microsoft Teams in addition to other notification options including email, Slack or SMS.

Microsoft Teams and Brightspot: How it works

Brightspot CMS site administrators can set up the Microsoft Teams integration to allow notifications through Microsoft Teams workspaces. Notification delivery options are configurable at the user or role level, and they can be configured to alert users as content moves through the different phases of a workflow.

As with other available collaborative notification integrations for the CMS, the Microsoft Teams integration supports delivery options for subscriptions including:

  • Workflow Subscription
  • Publish Subscription
  • Conversation Subscription
  • Shared Subscription
  • Assignment Subscription
  • Asset Request Subscription
  • Asset Expiration Subscription
  • AWS Elemental Transcoding Subscription

Microsoft Teams and Brightspot: Use cases

  • As an assignment editor for a digital publication, I want my team of writers to pitch new ideas for an upcoming story about summer travel to U.S. national parks. Using the Brightspot Pitch feature, I can create a space where my team can these submit ideas. Once I move the Pitch through the workflow from 'Draft' to 'Open for Ideas,' my team is alerted via Microsoft Teams and knows immediately that they can now provide input.
  • My editorial team has finished submitting ideas for a story about summer travel to U.S. national parks. Using the Asset Request subscription feature for CMS users on the design team, I can notify them that this piece requires accompanying creative images and art to complete. A notification is sent via Microsoft Teams to users in the design channel for that workspace.
  • As a busy company executive, I want to be able to review all new content before it is published but avoid items getting lost in my overflowing inbox. By setting up Microsoft Teams notifications, my team can notify me quickly through the Conversation Subscription when items are ready for approval, plus I can reply and add feedback directly via the CMS.

Microsoft Teams integration notes:

  • The Microsoft Teams configuration requires the ability to install Brightspot app in Teams in order to configure the integration.

The Microsoft Teams integration is available to customers running Brightspot version 4.5 and above.

Brightspot can send messages to external services, such as Microsoft Teams, a listserv or Slack channel. Editors subscribed to those services receive the corresponding messages.

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