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7 reasons why Brightspot CMS will work for your business

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Deliver impactful digital experiences with an enterprise-ready CMS solution

Brightspot offers a robust, enterprise-ready CMS that's fully built out and battle-tested against dozens of different use cases and complex digital-publishing scenarios. With Brightspot as your CMS platform, you can be assured of a world-class publishing experience that delivers many of its most powerful features out-of-the-box—from pre-built content types to dozens of integrations—and ready for business from day one.

Create lasting value with a fully extensible, flexible and intuitive platform

Leverage the freedom to choose any front-end technology, including headless builds, while also giving your customers an industry-leading end-user experience with unmatched native capabilities. This extends to a best-in-class publishing UI that includes powerful authoring tools, flexible workflows and permissions, translation tools and more—making it a breeze to manage one site, or many.

Brightspot was shaped (and is trusted) by industry leaders

The Brightspot CMS experience and toolkit has evolved over the years with the input of customers in sectors including media and publishing, eCommerce, life sciences, B2B publishing, sports and more. We are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, and bring that experience and expertise to every new delivery project and partnership we undertake.

We will invest in your success

The Brightspot Partner Program is more than just a license to use our CMS software. We will work in tandem with you throughout the sales cycle to ensure your teams are fully equipped to close the deal. Our onboarding program includes developer training and certification, plus we will partner with you on co-marketing activities. And, as an extension of your in-house design and development teams, know that Brightspot CMS is backed by the talent, energy and innovation of a team of over 125 software engineers.

Develop, customize and innovate with a platform that will grow with your business

With Brightspot's flexible architecture, you can go headless to power an API-first design, use our front-end framework—or do both. If you have experienced challenges with the rigidity of other CMS offerings on the market, Brightspot's hybrid approach will be a game-changer. Better yet, using our in-built CMS developer tools, you don't even need a back-end Java developer to customize your digital experience. The same applies to the front-end offering, should you go that route, with access to Brightspot's fully-customizable themes and style guide to enable speed-to-market and ongoing extensibility across all your projects.

Let us manage hosting and upgrades so you can focus on growing your business

Brightspot partners benefit from the assurance of having our platform team in place to support hosting, software upgrades (including third-party integrations) and 24/7 performance and security monitoring. No need to outsource any of your dev-ops and security needs, meaning you can focus on delivering exceptional digital experiences for new and existing clients.

Deliver in days, not months, with Brightspot

For companies that are looking to transform fast, Brightspot allows companies—regardless of size or technical expertise—to launch their own fully functional digital experiences in record time, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations. Combining our CMS capabilities with pre-built content types and integrations, this gives you and your clients the ultimate flexibility to develop your own front ends and manage content across any channel and endpoint.

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Join the Brightspot Partner Progam
We’d love to talk with you about how we can support your end-to-end project needs with Brightspot and our Partners team.

Partner Program benefits include:

  • Access to the Brightspot Partner Portal
  • Training on Brightspot's API-first approach and headless architecture 
  • Support in co-selling Brightspot with Partner Services
  • Ongoing support—Brightspot supports with customer demos and initial implementations 
  • Referral commission on Brightspot license for closed deals sourced by a partner
  • New opportunities sourced by Brightspot for established partners

If your agency or consultancy is interested in partnering with a best-in-class CMS vendor and you share our customer-centric mindset and commitment to white-glove service, please contact us today.

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