The CMS made for knowledge management

Brightspot's content management system enables organizations to productively converse, capture, curate and circulate their knowledge assets easily using the slickest, most customizable technology on the market.
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Streamline access, share expertise and make smarter decisions faster with our complete solution for knowledge sharing. Brightspot CMS gives your team everything they need to unleash innovation, empower collaboration and fuel productivity by harnessing the collective wisdom of your whole company.

  • User management
  • Customizable workflows
  • Extensible rich text editor
  • Custom headless preview
  • Collaboration tools
  • Taxonomy management
  • Integrated search
  • Modular, reusable content
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We enable your knowledge strategy
Brightspot CMS empowers knowledge workers to create accurate and reusable content right off the bat. Categorize it according to your organization's taxonomy, enriched with metadata and aligned with your existing information architecture, ensuring organization and accessibility. Our modular content approach and integrated search functionalities enable effortless content circulation and reuse to maximize the value of your knowledge resources.
Brightspot enables seamless knowledge exchange within the CMS by integrating with both industry-standard and proprietary tools to ensure productivity while upholding privacy and security protocols. Capture superior knowledge across all your databases, sending it through rigorous review cycles and editing it before publishing to your knowledge ecosystem.
Our architectural design allows you to select the most suitable setup for your content creation and delivery needs, growing as your business does. Whether you're leaning toward headless, decoupled or a hybrid of the two, our system ensures impeccable content delivery to any device, all from a single CMS instance.

We ensure successful platform adoption

We shine when it comes to empowering global organizations to improve the flow of information to stakeholders, including use cases like documentation, guides, FAQs, user manuals, support portals, reference work, reports, data as a product and technical and regulatory information. From handling rich, highly technical content to matching your most complex workflows, Brightspot is equipped and committed to walking with you every step of the way.
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We'll guide you in choosing the right architecture for your needs with our expert in-house and partner teams.
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We are committed to fully understanding your custom content modeling and workflows to fully customize your CMS experience and content creation process.
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We take a thoughtful, iterative approach to the migration process to ensure a seamless transition of your unique and complex knowledge management strategy.
Brightspot does not operate in isolation; it's very much part of an ecosystem of content management systems. We have five core CMSes in total and they all feed into each other, which means we need Brightspot to publish data but also to take feeds from our structured databases, as well as draw on a number of other APIs to feed things in like metadata and document IDs.
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Hear how Brightspot can turn your knowledge management goals into a reality and see how the lives of your knowledge workers will be changed using our platform.

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