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Connect with audiences worldwide in a more authentic way. Create blogs, sustainability reports and capture the heart and soul of the company through storytelling with images and multimedia.

What’s the business pain point we address?

Companies want to effectively tell the story of their brand, earn brand loyalty, and convert fans to customers; however, unlike the brand storytelling of the past, this requires maintaining narrative control over content, using metrics to determine the health of campaigns, and engaging audiences exactly where they are. Without the right solution, brands do not have the collaborative tools, automated processes, integration with their tech stack, and general ease of publishing required to achieve this goal.

By Brightspot Staff, February 08, 2018
Learn how a business content platform and the power of brand storytelling enabled Walmart to transform their corporate communications strategy.
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How does Brightspot approach this problem?

Brightspot understands that effectively telling your brand’s story begins with engaging, metric-driven content that reaches key audiences exactly where they are. Brightspot believes that good brand storytelling requires content that is timely, authentic, efficiently published, effectively distributed, and measured and refined as it goes out. As a result, the Brightspot Content Business Platform is built to give companies the tools they need to get their message heard.

Key features & benefits

  • Collaborative tools - Our Assignment Desk product strengthens content teams with next-level content collaboration and planning tools that track every step of the editorial process from idea to publish, all from a single location within the Brightspot Content Business Platform.
  • Ease of publishing - Brightspot removes barriers that prevent more frequent publishing with a powerful search capability, a robust rich-text editor and the ability to see live previews as you make content to ensure it measures up to what your audiences expect from your brand.
  • Digital asset management - Brightspot Media Desk, our built-in digital asset management product, gives you a centralized location to organize all assets, as well as the rights management you need to execute on these assets. 
  • Ability to integrate - Brightspot was built integration-ready with other platforms, including legacy CMS platforms, so you can maintain your normal workflow and interoperability across your entire tech stack. If there’s an API, we can integrate with it.
  • Content templates - Brightspot gives you flexible article templates that are repeatable as well as configurable photo galleries and graphics that increase social sharing, deepening your brand impact.
  • Personalization - Brightspot allows for manual and dynamic content curation, audience- and device-based segmentation as well as robust translation integrations that help you reach audiences across the globe. 

What is the main benefit to the user?

Brightspot gives you all of the tools you need to easily drive your brand storytelling forward and transform your digital customer experiences—without compromise. Stay ahead of the competitive marketplace over the next many years by leveraging the Brightspot Content Business Platform that enables you to deliver high-quality digital experiences that garner customer loyalty and drive action and conversation from your site visitors.

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