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A look at how Brightspot's products work and solve the content challenges for its customers.

What’s the business pain point we address?
Engaging employees is critical to maintaining productivity, fostering loyalty and developing company ambassadors; however, creating content that employees find useful and publishing it at regular intervals has been a challenge for most organizations. Technology often gets in the way of delivering personalized, relevant experiences to employees.

How does Brightspot approach this problem?
Brightspot helps you build the digital workplace intranet designed to foster a secure, lively and engaged community through highly personalized, contextually relevant interactions. This begins with our publisher-informed UI, which removes all barriers to content production allowing for more frequent and consistent publishing. Deep integrations with your most important services deliver multiple log-ins worth of information in a single dashboard. The result is an intranet which is the central repository for information and engagement.

Key features & benefits

  • Engaging content types - Leaders can establish the intranet as a company newsroom by distributing information and perspectives in a timely fashion using a variety of different content types. These content types include video, podcasts, live blogs, live streams, galleries and more.
  • Meaningful, useful integrations - From paid time off to 401K information, Brightspot connects employees to the information contained in the many platforms they must log into regularly. This personalized experience reduces content switching while making intranet usage critical.
  • Personalized task management. Intranet users access a dashboard with their most vital personal and team tasks. Integrations with chatbots and powerful search make discovering additional relevant information simple.
  • Secure, personalized sharing - SSO combined with granular roles and rights provides a secure environment for the company to share sensitive information and foster secure collaboration. Personalization can be achieved by a variety of factors such as location, seniority or department.
  • Consistent asset management - Supporting a variety of content types ensures that companies can distribute all relevant material through the intranet. By doing so, the company is assured that the entire organization has the latest collateral, marketing materials, sales decks, and more.
  • All devices - In order to encourage adoption, Brightspot’s intranet experience is natively mobile and capable of rendering the right interface for the device being used.

What is the main benefit to the user?
Each employee has ready access to the information they need to succeed in their role. They have access to relevant news, their benefits information, updated assets they need, specific task lists alongside the ability to securely engage their team or other co-workers. The result is a more productive, happier staff that is regularly engaged and always has the latest assets required to do their jobs.


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All Brightspot Features

The Brightspot Content Business Platform is built by publishers and developers, and is designed to grow with your business.
A robust set of tools to manage sites, content, users and permissions, workflows, languages, and analytics.
Keyword-driven and comprehensive, filterable search and taxonomy features make folders a thing of the past.
Intuitive and designed for the work, including rich-text editing, embeds, plus collaboration features that make teamwork work.
Start publishing content rapidly thanks to built-in, extensible content types including text assets, media, pages and much more.
Drive deeper engagement and personalized experiences by leveraging authentication, profiling, segmentation and affinity features.
Built to be a bridge to your systems and all your data, start with one of the 70 plug-and-play integrations, or build any custom integration to meet your business needs.
Meet users where they are thanks to syndication and distribution tools like RSS, sitemaps, SEO tools, social publishing and translation support.
Front-end agnostic means content businesses can publish how they want - headless with GraphQL or decoupled - all from the same environment.
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