The Fastest Path to Premium Publishing

Next-Gen Enterprise CMS for Accountable Creators

Brightspot's digital empowerment engine enables a stressless publishing experience for high-volume media, brand, and portfolio content creators. We offer the only complete suite of interoperable and scalable CMS solutions built on a light-weight, flexible framework.

Any Content Type
Robust search capabilities at the object level
Smart Filtering
Brightspot will automatically adjust fields to correspond with the asset you are searching for.
Sort by Metrics
Find any asset determined by the metric that matters
Organize Tasks
Turn search results into a Workstream

Personalized Experiences

The right person. The right time. The right context.

Develop people profiles with Brightspot's Personalization feature, a single database aggregating metadata about specific users such as location, behavior, demographics and interests. This data gives editors the ability to deliver personalized content to groups or individuals based on user criteria.
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Audience Targets
Segment your consumer audience based on user data or context, and manage targeted content independently
Personalized Content
Create and edit content specific to a target audience for a personalized experience
Manage Content Changes
View the number of content differences within each persona.
Preview in Real Time
View all of your personalized content in real time, removing any doubt about how each experience will look

Collaboration + Workflows

Powerful, yet flexible collaboration tools

With Brightspot's CMS features, you can create custom workflows for various roles, from very simple to incredibly structured workflows. A full-featured workflow engine automates common editorial processes. Brightspot promotes enterprise-wide collaboration with workstreams, a technology that allows multiple individuals to contribute to projects. Fully automated notifications keep users and administrators alerted when there's an outstanding action.
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Manage Multiple Workflows
Track the status of any project at any time
Apply Workflows to All Objects
Create a custom Workflow for any user and all content types
Drag + Draw Custom Workflows
Add statuses and edit transitions in the most intuitive way possible

Multichannel Distribution

Focus on the message, not the medium

As contextual content delivery becomes more important, CMS platforms must provide a consistent experience on any device. In addition to being natively multichannel, Brightspot enables the creation of native applications without additional development cycles in an easy-to-use interface that links to existing content managed within Brightspot.
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Channel Distribution
Create and distribute content specific to each channel
Assets at Your Fingertips
Keep your content a click away so managing distribution is as simple as it gets
Content Syndication
Syndicate and embed individual content types on other sites. The content can retain the original look and feel or inherit new styles.

Metrics + Analytics

Smarter decisions with better data

Brightspot Analytics offers real-time metrics across any object and works at the page, module and widget level. It also seamlessly and effectively integrates with industry-leading analytic platforms, measuring every piece of content, regardless of where it's displayed.
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