A user experience platform, designed and developed to power large scale, highly dynamic, editorially rich and visually stunning experiences.

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Content Management

Create meaningful content and engaging experiences

Brightspot provides an intuitive content management solution for building websites, mobile applications, and more. The powerful publication platform is simple and easy for editors to adopt and start creating engaging content, personalized for targeted audiences.
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See What's Happening
Recent Activity provides quick access to recently published content
Content Collaboration
Work Streams are queues of content that can be added, updated or reviewed by one or more users
Common Content
Quickly create new content or add links to get to existing content that needs constant revising
Bulk Upload
Drag and drop multiple files right from your desktop
See content that is scheduled to be published or create a new bulk Schedule

Digital Asset Management

Organize, analyze and use your entire digital portfolio

Brightspot Media Desk provides a single intuitive interface for you to view, edit, and manage your content and data from many distinct systems. Seamlessly integrating with all of your content management tools, user & social networks, advertising & analytics services and more, Brightspot Media Desk eliminates the need to navigate across multiple systems in order to get the critical data you need to run your business.
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Everything In One Place
Manage your entire inventory in a dedicated view with advanced search filters and tools
Integrated Analytics
Using aggregated analytics, rating systems can be tailored and used to find your best performing assets
Take Bulk Action
The multi-select toolbar allows you to manage and edit groups of content easily. Selections can be edited, saved, or added to a Work Stream where it can be edited collaboratively.


Deliver personalized content to target audiences.

Brightspot People is a single database aggregating metadata about specific users such as location, behavior, demographics, and interests to develop people profiles. This data gives editors the ability to deliver personalized content to groups or individuals based on user criteria.
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Deliver location aware content & notifications to users.

Brightspot Location offers the ability to deliver targeted content based on geo-location. Editors can specify content to be delivered within GPS geo-fences, or in the proximity of iBeacons.
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App On Demand

Create native applications without a developer.

App on Demand gives editors the ability to generate and maintain native applications using content from their website. The easy to use interface allows editors to choose from a variety of navigation styles, layouts and color schemes making each app a unique experience.
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Start your own online community.

Brightspot Social offers a standalone or add-on solution for building your own online community. This includes user profiles, social networking features, commenting, discussions, and user-generated content with easy to use moderation tools. Brightspot Social also gives you the ability to ingest and display content from external social networks and RSS feeds on your website or in your app.
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Simplify enterprise collaboration

The diversity of solutions used by employees generates difficulties, both for the organization, as well as for employees that need to view information across geographies or teams. Brightspot Intranet provides a central location for managing communications, resources, and tools across the entire organization. 
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Automates building cloud-based infrastructures.

This operations tool automates launching infrastructure components using a simple configuration format. Beam then uses configuration templates to automate launching of similar development environments. Beam works across multiple providers to support companies looking to more quickly and effectively manage their cloud-based infrastructures.
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