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Get Started with Brightspot


Content At Your Fingertips

The Dashboard is the entry point of the editorial experience and provides editors an easy way to get started with their most common tasks

See what's going on.
Recent Activity provides quick access to recently published content.
Create Content.
Quickly create new content or add links to get to existing content that needs constant revising.
See content that is scheduled to be published in the future or create a new bulk Schedule.

Work Streams

Editorial Tasks Made Easy

Use Work Streams to group content that must be updated or reviewed, then assign as a task to one or more editors. Brightspot Work Streams are dynamic, and smart enough to keep multiple users working on new content within each Work Stream, no matter how many editors are assigned. Work Streams increase efficiency and enable editorial teams to collaborate constantly.

Create Work Streams.
Content that needs to be edited can be worked through collaboratively.
Upload Files
Bulk upload external content by dragging files or selecting files to upload.

Global Search

Find Content Fast

Traditional CMSs often impose content hierarchy that editors have to navigate to find the items they need to publish. Brightspot removes that arbitrary limitation with a full-featured content search capability. Instead of clicking through directory structures, editors can simply search using any text string they believe would point to the item.

Filter by field.
Limit search results by content type, date, and status.
Saved Search.
Save common searches to make them easily accessible for future use.
Selections Toolbar
Use the selection toolbar to collect content to be used later, edited in bulk, or turned into a collection.

Edit Images

Powerful Editing Tools

Edit images and the associated meta-data in any context. Using the text overlay and hotspot tools, add text, icons, tool-tips, on-hover data, and modular content to single images or contextually within photo galleries and promotional modules.

Edit Inline
Use the image editing tools to adjust color, contrast, crop and add hotspots
My Selections.
Use the My Selections drop-down menu to create a collection and manage content that has been selected within Global Search in bulk.
Text Overlay.
Add text overlays to images.


Bulk & Stack Scheduling

Bulk Scheduling allows multiple pieces of content to be edited or created, and set to go live at once. Perfect for product releases, or special events, all scheduled changes can be previewed on the site before going live, and pushed to the site at any given point.

Edit Schedule.
Create a publish schedule for multiple pieces of content, name and edit the schedule accordingly.
Scheduled Events.
All events scheduled to publish at a later date will appear in the Scheduled Events widget.

Track Changes

Complete Versioning Control

When making changes within the Rich Text Tool each Editor can annotate their changes, leave notes, and accept or reject previous changes that are part of content workflow. Newly added or removed text is color coded allowing instant context to what has changed.

Color Coded.
Quickly see what changes have been made and content that has been removed or added with colors.
Inline Commenting.
Keep track of edits with the ability to leave a comment for each change made.


Personal Notification Center

Notifications show users their personal notification center, alerting them when there is any content they need to view such as content that has been submitted for approval, content that has been shared with them or if they have been added to a work stream.

Get quick access to personal notifications within the profile menu.
Edit Dashboard.
Customize the appearance of the Dashboard view from within the profile drop-down menu.


Dynamic Editorial Workflows

Custom workflows can be created for any user role and content type. Editors can build their own workflows with transitions and statuses, using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface that matches the editorial flow. Workflows can be very useful for editors looking to see the status of a project at a glance, or in any case when multiple editors are contributing to separate phases of a project.

Create a workflow to actively track the progress of any given project.
Statuses & Transitions.
Add status and transition phases to a project for clear and smooth editorial flow.

Inventory Manager

View and Modify Content in One View

Inventory Manager allows Brightspot users to view, modify, and analyze content all in a dedicated view. Users can create content collections for syndication, bulk edit actions or reporting.

Filter by Color.
Find image content quickly by filtering by a specific color on the color picker.
View content easily by switching between grid, list and card views in the Inventory Manager.

Photo Galleries

Intuitive Editing Interface

The heart of Brightspot is it's powerful editing interface. Each content type is displayed to make editing as simple and painless as possible.Create beautiful Image galleries that can be reordered by dragging and dropping the various images in their right positions. Preview all thumbnails and set cover images in the interface.

Drag and Drop Images
Drag and drop images to re-order and create the perfect gallery experience.
Preview Live
Preview changes made instantly and on all devices.


Live Preview of Content

See how changes to your content look in real-time. Preview how it will look across different mobile devices. In full-screen mode see your content side-by-side with live preview, in contextual preview, view modules as if they were on a page.

Future Preview
Pick a time or date in the future to see how content will update