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A gold, silver & bronze Independence Day at the 2018 USA Games

I'm asking you, during these games, to show the world what it looks like to lead from the heart... Show the world what it means to choose to include. Show others, when they see tension and fear, show them togetherness. Some are seeing despair all around them. You show us joy. And where others see division, I'm asking you, show them love.
Tim Shriver, Chairman, Special Olympics

These were the words that rang through the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium, kicking off the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle on July 1, 2018. Over the next week, more than 3000 athletes from all 50 states would give their all competing in 14 team and individual sports. To support these competitors and their families, 10,000 volunteers poured into the Puget Sound area to volunteer during the week of the games.

After sending groups to South Korea, Los Angeles, and Austria to support the past three World Games, for the first time Brightspot decided to send a team of volunteers to represent the company at the USA Games. Ten employees from across the company—from developers and engineers, to project managers and marketing practitioners—chose to give of their time and energy to support these brave competitors during the games.

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2018 Special Olympics World Games Recap

While most celebrated the 4th of July with cookouts and fireworks, the Brightspot team spent the week working around the clock. As in past games, Brightspot organized a series of Unified Sports Experiences that united local Special Olympics athletes with celebrities, professional athletes, and other honored guests as teammates in basketball, volleyball, soccer, and football. The four events, held during the first two days of competition, engaged over 400 people and allowed these participants the opportunity to experience the joy of playing unified.

Nowhere were these ideals more exemplified than on the football field, where Seattle Seahawks legends and Hall of Famers Walter Jones and Steve Largent took to the field for a spirited game of flag football. For the Special Olympics athletes, the opportunity to catch passes from former NFL quarterbacks Jim Zorn, Dave Krieg, and Brock Huard was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The moment, however, was equally memorable for the honored guests who lined up alongside the Special Olympics stars.

2018 USA Games USE & Awards

Perfect Sense employees gather on stage at Fan Zone before the start of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Perfect Sense employees gather on stage at Fan Zone before the start of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Athletes and Unified Partners charge onto the field for a flag football unified game at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
A Special Olympics Washington athlete eludes a would-be tackle at the flag football Unified Sports Experience held at the University of Washington
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
A young Special Olympics athlete and Seattle Seahawk fan plays catch with former NFL quarterback, Jim Zorn
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Dion Jordan, a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, coaches his team before the start of the Unified game
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Turrean Hatzenbeler, a Special Olympics Washington athlete, rifles a pass during the Unified flag football game
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Former Seattle Seahawk quarterback, Jim Zorn, barely gets off a pass while under pressure from a blitzing Special Olympics athlete
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Seahawk legend, Jim Zorn, awards medals to his teammates following their Unified flag football game at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
A Special Olympics athlete breaks free for a touchdown during the Unified Sports Experiences at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games.
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
NFL star, Dion Jordan, huddles his team for a pep talk before the kickoff of the Unified Sports Experience
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Special Olympics athletes competed alongside unified partners during the Unified Sports Experiences.
Joe Nicholson-Special Olympics
20180702_pharvey_UW (188).jpg
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
A Special Olympics Washington athlete fires a shot on goal during a Unified Sports Experience soccer match
20180702_pharvey_UW (178).jpg
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Unified teammates pose with former Seattle Sounders star, Steve Zakuani, prior to the start of their Unified match
20180702_pharvey_UW (170).jpg
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
The Seattle Sounders came out in force to play unified with Special Olympics Washingotn athletes
20180702_pharvey_UW (158).jpg
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
The Husky Marching Band led a caravan of fans from the campus to the soccer field to cheer on the athletes and unified partners competing in the Unified Sports Experience
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Sportsmanship was on full display during the Unified Sports Experience basketball game
Darryl Wong
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
ESPN commentator, Holly Rowe, joined in the fun and coached two Unified basketball games, winning both
Darryl Wong
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
A Special Olympics Washington athletes breaks free for a lay up during a Unified game at Alaska Airlines Arena
Darryl Wong
Gymnastics Ceremonie Last Day
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Competitors from all 50 states battled for gold, silver and bronze medals throughout the weeklong USA Games
Mel Levin
award ceremony, tennis, special olympics, 07062018, rruul
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
A Special Olympics Florida athlete celebrates a gold medal finish in the tennis singles competition
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
The Perfect Sense volunteer team oversaw 431 awards ceremonies and distributed over 3200 awards during the weeklong competition
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Powerlifters show off their muscles after being awarded their medals in the squat, dead lift, bench press, and combination events
20180704_pharvey_bowlingawards (89).jpg
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
A Special Olympics athlete from Illinois relishes his gold medal victories
20180704_pharvey_bowlingawards (34).jpg
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Unified bowlers from Texas celebrate after receiving the bronze medal at Husky Ballpark
Special Olympics, Seatle, Wa.
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
The Interscholastic Unified team from Minnesota checks out its silver medals after the medal ceremony at FanZone
Leo Mallari
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Arizona athletes celebrate on the stage at FanZone after receiving their silver medals
Dixin Yan
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2018 USA Games USE & Awards
Perfect Sense employees gather on stage at Fan Zone before the start of the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games
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"The best moment for me was when my six-year-old son, who was also volunteering, looked at me as we walked the athletes towards the podium and said: ‘Daddy, I'm so happy for them.’"
Eduardo Sunol, VP, Latin America

As the competitions at the venues around Seattle heated up, the Brightspot volunteer team turned its efforts from the playing field to the medal podiums at Husky Ballpark and the Fan Zone at Husky Stadium. Over the course of five days, the team oversaw 431 award ceremonies and presented more than 3200 medals and ribbons to Special Olympics athletes who competed at the USA Games. From setting up the stage, to staging the athletes, to guiding the presenting dignitaries, and even announcing the victors, the team worked non-stop to ensure that all of the participants had their turn in the spotlight as they stood on the podium and received their medals.

"All of the athletes, overcoming so much, compete at a very high level. To watch them compete and give it their all, be able to spend time with them, hear about their achievements, and watch them at their best while celebrating these achievements was extremely inspiring."
Yash Trivedi, Software Engineer

As they received their awards, some athletes raised their arms in triumph, while others broke down into tears. Some waved at family and friends in the crowd, while others hugged their competitors. Some (especially the powerlifters) flexed their muscles, while others danced on the podium. These authentic moments of pure joy remain the enduring images of the Games.

In 2019, Brightspot will continue its commitment to Special Olympics at the World Games in Abu Dhabi. Like their colleagues in Seattle, this group will be inspired by the courage, determination, and joy of the athletes and awed by the power of sport to change the lives of those on the field and in the stands.


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