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10 ways Brightspot is built to transform your digital business

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Enjoy the features, functionality and flexibility that global brands rely on to power their digital transformations. From a world-class publishing experience to robust collaboration and workflow tools, explore some of Brightspot's enterprise-grade CMS features below.

Robust content types

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Start publishing immediately without having to build and model your own CMS content types. Dozens of ready-to-go content types like articles, pages and galleries come standard out-of-the-box, plus you can instantly create your own.

Highlights include:

  • Text-based content types such as articles, blog posts, live blogs and listicles
  • Landing page content types such as page, homepage, section and tag, as well as dozens of individual modules for creating on-site promos, calls-to-action and more
  • Ready-to-go site search and navigation templates that let editors set up complete site experiences without requiring dev support
  • Customizable permissions that allow users to only see the content that matters to them

Custom workflows

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Create as many workflows as your organization requires, as simple or complex as you need them to be—in minutes, without requiring a developer to create or edit them.

Highlights include:

  • Custom workflows that apply by site or by content type
  • Fully customizable status and transition labels so that your workflows speak in the language of your organization
  • Notifications and alerts for activity within workflows, so that teams and individuals stay updated and can take action as needed

Native search capabilities

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Inside Brightspot: Integrated search

Quickly find and access content anywhere in the CMS using the intuitive yet advanced search function. You can even find content that is located in external libraries such as Getty, YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox without having to leave the CMS.

Highlights include:

  • Search filters narrow down results based on content types and respective content attributes
  • Saved searches allow users to bookmark frequent queries
  • Actions for search results inlcuded applying bulk edits, creating new workstreams or exporting to CSV
  • Import assets from other libraries like:
    • Photos: Getty, AP, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock
    • Videos: YouTube, Vimeo
    • File Storage: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Slack
    • Custom: Any database with an API can be added via development

Rich-text editing tools

CMS tips for Rich-Text Editor (RTE)
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Inside Brightspot: Rich-text editor

Make teams more efficient with an easy-to-use rich-text editor which supports both simple and advanced formatting.

Highlights include:

  • Copy/paste of pre-written content from Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Outlook
  • Formatting like bold, italics, bulleted/numbered lists
  • Editing tools like track changes and inline comments, plus undo/redo and find and replace
  • Embeds, including images, hyperlinks, tables and social posts, via copy and paste
  • Keyboard shortcuts and built-in special character support

Real-time, live preview

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Inside Brightspot: Live preview

Ensure your content looks perfect before publishing with dynamic live previews for all your content, including the ability share links with your team and external stakeholders.

Highlights include:

  • Real-time updates to give you an instant and accurate view of all your publishing activity
  • Content previews for multiple device types and screen breakpoints
  • Shared preview links allow non-CMS users to review and offer feedback (plus editors can manage expiry and access for full version control of the preview links they share)


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Inside Brightspot: Notifications and subscriptions

Keep CMS users up-to-date with notifications delivered via email, SMS and popular workplace productivity apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Highlights include:

  • Personalized subscriptions can be configured to include notifications for workflow transitions or when new content is published
  • Automatic notifications for all users, as well as shared subscriptions for user groups
  • Custom subscriptions can be added by developers to support new webhooks and triggers

Collaboration features

Viewers and Locking CMS screenshot

Work side-by-side with your team throughout the evolution of an asset from idea to publication.

Highlights include:

  • Inline commenting in all rich-text fields, as well as track changes capability
  • Visibility into who else is currently looking at an asset
  • Field-level locking allows multiple users to work on an asset at the same time
  • Changes made by each user with field-level locking enabled are saved and merged
  • Unlock and content controls can be managed at the user-permissions level

Users, roles & permissions

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Inside Brightspot: Users and roles

Create custom roles that set site-, tool- and content-level permissions for all users.

Highlights include:

  • Unlimited number of users and roles
  • Permissions around access to sites, tool areas and content types
  • Actions restricted to a role, including write-only and limiting delete powers
  • Hidden fields and widgets as well as areas can be set to read-only
  • Custom permissions can easily be created by developers

Flexible dashboards

screenshot of Brightspot CMS dashboard
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Inside Brightspot: CMS dashboards

Empower teams with the most relevant content and tools with dashboards that are configurable to include only the widgets and information they need to get the job done.

Highlights include:

  • Pre-built widgets, including Quick Start, Recent Activity, Scheduled Events, Upload and Translations
  • Flexible search widget to customize a workflow queue or any critical publishing step teams need to use repeatedly
  • Library of analytics widgets can report on site traffic, content creation volume, authorship, site search queries and trending assets via built-in analytics or Google Analytics

Multimedia asset support

screenshot of Brightspot CMS image editing tool

Enable users to search, upload, edit and reuse assets, like images, videos and documents, all from one platform.

Highlights include:

  • Bulk or individual upload

  • Built-in focal points, editing and cropping
  • Full version control with original asset stored in perpetuity
  • Storage and search for PDFs, documents, spreadsheets and other asset types
  • Video transcoding using HTML5, import via YouTube URL, or another OVP integrations

For a glimpse of the above features and more in action, watch the demo here:

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