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6 things you might not know about Brightspot's rich-text editor

Inside Brightspot: Rich-text editor
Begin creating content with the easy-to-master features in the rich-text editor (RTE). Functioning similar to MS Word and Google Docs, utilize simple and advanced features designed around a singular goal—to make you more efficient. Take a tour of the RTE's most powerful features here.

Brightspot’s rich text editor (RTE) might be small, but it sure is mighty. Along with the usual functionality that accompanies any regular RTE (i.e. bold, italics, linking), Brightspot’s RTE includes more advanced editing functions such as embedding, track changes and commenting. Here are a few tools you might have missed in your content management system’s RTE that can have a great impact on the quality of your content and publishing efficiency.

Internal multimedia enhancements create maximum visual impact

Adding multimedia embeds to your RTE can be extremely beneficial in capturing your readers' attention, and it's made easy with Brightspot’s RTE. With the embed tool, you can effortlessly select videos, images, galleries, modules and podcasts from your CMS to add to your RTE with the capability to align the content as desired. Additionally, Brightspot’s RTE allows for users to embed quotes, allowing for important words to jump off the page at viewers.

CMS tips for Rich-Text Editor (RTE)

Take your storytelling further with external enhancements

In addition to internal embeds, Brightspot allows for users to embed social-media posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with other external content into any RTE field. After selecting the desired post, you can take that post’s URL and add it to the social media embed field which appears after selecting the tool. This is a great way to add more detail to a story while also promoting a specific social-media account and/or post.

CMS tips for Rich-Text Editor (RTE)

Track changes and collaborate easily with CMS contributors in the same asset

With writers and editors often working concurrently in the CMS to create content, the track changes functionality located in the RTE text box can be a life saver when going through the editing process. Allowing for writers and editors to track changes while working in the CMS provides an additional tool that promotes teamwork and efficiency.

CMS tips for Rich-Text Editor (RTE)

Drive conversation and get feedback faster with inline commenting functionality

On the note of teamwork and efficiency, another feature in Brightspot’s RTE which promotes communication throughout your content creation process is the commenting tool. This feature allows for users to leave comments or questions inline within the RTE for other editors to view. This is just another function that helps you promote excellence and communication in your work.

In addition, using the Conversations widget, individuals mentioned in any conversation can receive instant notifications via email, SMS or through messaging apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

CMS tips for Rich-Text Editor (RTE)

Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop functionality saves time, clicks and wasted effort

Most users who have utilized Brightspot’s RTE probably know that they can copy and paste text from an outside document into the CMS. Those who use the "copy and paste method" are often surprised to realize that the formatting from the original document copies over into the CMS’s RTE. Not only can you copy and paste formatted text, but you can also copy and paste tables from outside documents. While the RTE allows for you to manually create tables within the CMS, copying and pasting a premade table from an outside document into the RTE is often a much-appreciated time saver. Additionally, you can use drag-and-drop functionality to add the multimedia listed in item #1 above to your RTE. These two methods are just more ways that Brightspot’s RTE makes work effortless.

CMS tips for Rich-Text Editor (RTE)

Reduce distractions by going into full-screen edit mode

We love the fact that Brightspot CMS's editing UI is packed with cool features to let you preview pages and content, plus easily apply tags, metadata and more. But sometimes you just want to write and edit. Cue "Fullscreen Editing" mode in the RTE toolbar, which switches to a clean and simple text-editing view, just like what you may be familiar with in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

CMS tips for Rich-Text Editor (RTE)


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