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Inside Brightspot: CMS search views

Customize your search-results view to ensure that the most relevant and actionable is displayed. This includes being able to add and remove different filters as well as get different dynamic views across different content types based on the most relevant data for that specific type.


[Speaker 1] Searching for content within your CMS is something that you do often. So it's important to be able to make the most of the search functionality.

As a Brightspot user, you can decide how your search results are displayed to you, making your daily search interactions a walk in the park.

Brightspot search comes equipped with several different display options. They can be located at the top and toggled depending on the scenario. All of the search views empower you to quickly see exactly what you're looking for.

But here are some of the benefits of each type.

List view allows you to start with the basics, but then you can select additional information that you'd like to see. And since each additional field that you select builds a new column in search, it's perfect for exporting your results.

I need to find images or videos quickly. If you are looking for media assets, grid view shows a preview image of the content to make them easier to identify right from the search paint.

If you need a broader search for locating all content types, for example, images plus articles, mixed view will give you just what you need. It's a combination of list and grid views. So you can see both the image and names of the content if you have content in a workflow or if you'd like to see articles within a certain section.

Board view sorts and allows you to compare content group by a specific attribute. But that's not all. You can also make changes to your content from the board view without even clicking into the content. For example, if you need to move an article from one section to another, you can simply drag and drop. Whatever changes you make are then saved, allowing board view to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Finally, as your site grows, the structure is a very important thing for you to keep track of. The taxonomy view in search is available to help you do just that. This displays all levels of your site's hierarchy, kind of like a family tree. For example, clicking on your site's top section will expand to show any subsections.

Brightspot search has these built-in options to allow you to choose the way you want to find your content and display it—empowering you to operate as efficiently as possible.

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