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Inside Brightspot: CMS dashboards

Customize the CMS dashboard for individual users or for different teams based in their workflow needs—all without any dev overhead or extra IT help required, meaning you and your teams can stay efficient and publish fast.


[Speaker 1] As a publisher, you know how important it is to be able to create, locate and follow content that is within your CMS. With the Brightspot dashboard, it’s a breeze to quickly accomplish all of this right within the platform without having to navigate to other programs and screens.

Let’s say you want to create brand new content. The quick start widget allows you to quickly get going with the click of a button. You can also add shortcuts and favorite your frequently edited pages or modules. Plus, you can search for content you’ve created and filter the results.

Want to follow what other members of your team are working on? The Recent Activity widget allows you to see what publishing activity is happening on your site.

Save tons of time while you’re working using the upload widget, which allows you to select multiple files, such as images and upload them all at once.

The Resources widget gives you the ability to add files or links that may not exist in your CMS and bookmark it so it’s always available to you.

Once you’re ready to publish, say you want to schedule it out for a later day or time. The Scheduled Events widget puts the power in your hands to select exactly when your content will go live.

The ability to customize the dashboard with shortcuts specific to fit your needs help you and your team work more efficiently.

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