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Inside Brightspot: Live preview

See how your work will look on any device and in different promotional spots before you publish with dynamic live preview, plus easily share to external stakeholders with preview links that don't require a CMS login.


[Speaker 1] Being able to preview the content you create before you publish it to your site is a great way for you to validate your work and experience your content exactly as visitors to your site will.

Now, you can work even faster and more efficiently with Brightspot's in-CMS preview feature as you are writing and making changes to your content. The preview will update in seconds, meaning you're able to see your content in real time without stopping to open up a separate tab or a window. You can also preview much more than the content. The preview shows you things like navigation modules and other visual elements that display on the page as well.
You can even preview how your content will be consumed across the most commonly used browser sizes from mobile to tablet to desktop.

Once your content is being promoted on other pages within your site, you can preview how it appears on those pages, too. And if you're sharing content across multiple sites inside of Brightspot, you can even preview how your content renders on other sites.

The preview feature is tremendously powerful. You can also share preview links and bring internal and external stakeholders into the review process the instant you're ready without requiring them to log into the CMS. All you have to do in order to share is open up the preview in a new window and then share the URL. The same way you would share a link to a funny video or a good recipe with previews being so easy to share.

It's understandable that many preview links are generated and passed around because the draft is only relevant for so long. Brightspot allows you to set an expiration date on your shared preview links. Brightspot even gives you the ability to manage and delete your old preview links with a simple click. You can either delete individual links or delete all of them at once, ensuring that your viewers aren't looking at stale content and providing feedback that is no longer applicable.

As you can see, the preview functionality equips your team to be more efficient showing your changes in real time and allowing you to share previews with key stakeholders.

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