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Inside Brightspot: Notifications and subscriptions

Increase publishing speed by enabling personalized notifications and subscription settings, which are designed to keep you up to date on content as it moves through the workflow.


[Speaker 1] For many publishers today, an increasingly critical aspect of the digital content creation process is the ability to effortlessly collaborate with an often large and frequently remote or distributed team at various points throughout the content creation approval and publishing process. One critical component of content collaboration is the ability to be immediately notified any time your input is required at any step in a collaborative process

Brightspot's powerful notifications and subscriptions functionality enables you to quickly and easily control when and how you receive these notifications, integrating seamlessly into your existing workflow and the tools you're already using with no developers or code required. Perhaps the most popular example of how Brightspot enables collaboration is the way you and your team can have a dialogue about content right here in Brightspot on every single asset. This is Brightspot's conversation tool. You can tag team mates in a comment which immediately sends them a notification. Forget about delays or a waiting period or even having to switch tabs to write an email, you'll know right away when you're needed.

Like many organizations do if your team already uses Slack or MS Teams to collaborate. Brightspot can send notifications directly to these systems. This means your teams can be instantly notified of updates, changes and any next steps seamlessly with the tools you're already using but being notified when a colleague explicitly tags you is only one way that Brightspot enables you to effortlessly control what when and how you are notified by the platform.

This is where Brightspot's flexible subscriptions feature comes into play within your profile. You can quickly and easily choose not only the delivery methods you prefer like Slack, email or text messages, but also subscribe to the events you would like to be notified about. As you can see here, I have explicitly chosen to be notified via Slack each time I am mentioned in a conversation within Brightspot. I could choose to subscribe to any number of other events as well, including when specific pieces of content are published, shared, translated, go into any phase of a workflow or many other options. The reason I haven't done that for myself is that Brightspot also features automatic subscriptions configured by an administrator of your site that manages subscriptions across your organization for events that your team has decided you need to know about.

As you can see here, my administrator has set me up to receive notifications any time new content on my site is published, anytime content I am watching goes into a workflow and anytime content on my site is translated. You'll also note that my administrator was kind enough to allow these notifications to inherit the delivery option I have chosen above, but should they need to, a site administrator can choose to override my selection for instance to ensure that all notifications about a certain event go out in email. For example, if there were a company policy to mandate that.

But consider it safe to assume that you or your administrator can subscribe you or your entire organization to be notified about any set of important events in the CMS. When and how you or your team decide fits best into your organization's workflows, because Brightspot understands just how critical the seamless notification processes is to an efficient content creation process, and that your CMS should provide a frictionless integration into your existing workflows, rather than expecting you to change the way you work to fit your CMS.

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