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Inside Brightspot: Page building

Enhance experiences for your audience, capturing their attention from the moment they interact with your website. Quickly and effortlessly make the changes you need to your homepage section pages and landing pages, update page layouts, add new modules or rearrange existing modules—all without any developer or third-party assistance.


[Speaker 1] Many companies have told us it can take days or longer and involve multiple organizations or even third parties to, for example, make simple updates to their homepage.

With Brightspot's frictionless page management, you can quickly and effortlessly make the changes you need to your homepage section pages and landing pages without any developer or third party assistance, update page layouts, add new modules or rearrange existing modules and promote your new content all within minutes, not hours or days. Brightspot provides you with the flexibility and the tools. You can do all of this in the CMS without requiring any code or developer involvement with several module types and styles to choose from.

You can create a variety of unique page layouts with list to promote new content. You've created forms to capture visitor information ads to generate revenue and so much more. One of the most commonly used module types is lists, and Brightspot offers three different types of lists. There's basic, advanced and dynamic.

A basic list is the simplest way to create a list of content. You simply select the content to promote and Brightspot will automatically populate the promotional information, leveraging the title description and images from the selected content. When using an advanced list, each item can be expanded so you can customize them individually. With a dynamic list, get a simple way to create lists automatically populated with the most recent or most popular content and that can be filtered by tags by content type and more.

Bright spot makes it easy to quickly discover recently created contemt or access frequently used content using either search or the Shelf. Once you find the content you were looking for, you can easily drag and drop your content. You can even do this for multiple items. All of the module types Brightspot can be created as single-use modules.

Or you can take a modular approach to content by creating shared modules; shared modules are quickly and easily discoverable in search and completely reusable. So you can build your module once and enjoy the ease of reusing it again and again across multiple pages without having to recreate them.

And if you create a single-use module and you later realize that it would be valuable somewhere else on your site or you want a shared module to appear slightly differently on one page, you won't have to waste time recreating them. Brightspot will save you that time, making it easy to convert between single-use and shared modules.

Brightspot makes it easy for you to create and make changes to your pages, saving you time and the hassle of depending on a developer or a third party.

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