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Integration spotlight: Shopify

As a retailer or brand selling products through your Shopify store, you already have solutions to power the online shopping experience. Shopify and Brightspot now give you the digital publishing tools you need to tell the story behind your products—and reach your customers at every touchpoint of the customer journey. See the integration in action here.


Elevate your online revenue, amplify your brand story, and boost customer engagement by seamlessly syncing your Shopify account with Brightspot.

No need to switch between your CMS and e-commerce platform—with this integration, you can effortlessly search your Shopify product catalog directly from Brightspot CMS. Transform any item in your store into dynamic Brightspot content types that seamlessly fit into your preferred storytelling format.

Imagine click-to-buy promos for trendy t-shirts featured in a fall fashion article, dynamic homepage showcases of top-selling items, or a carousel of must-have merchandise across multiple sections of your website.

The possibilities are limitless!

With the Shopify integration easily configured in Brightspot’s CMS settings, you can import Shopify products using the integrated search features of the platform.

Select various presentation options to showcase your products across your site.

Other highlights of the Shopify integration include real-time synchronization of pricing, descriptions, and inventory, keeping all your products up-to-date.

This integration will revolutionize your approach to driving revenue through content-as-commerce. Ready to learn more? Contact us today to request a demo of this game-changing integration, along with other powerful features in Brightspot CMS.