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Drive revenue growth with a CMS platform that enables you to optimize content-to-commerce opportunities across all touch points.

From voice-enabled smart devices to shopping on the go with a mobile phone, consumer retail has transformed over the past several years. Don't let your technology hinder your ability to drive product awareness and revenue.

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Commerce-as-content experiences powered by Brightspot

Sotheby’s provides seamless editorial-to-auction integration for more than 600 auctions annually. See how the company’s long-term partnership with Brightspot continues to meet and exceed user expectations, as well as drive digital growth and revenue for the international auction house.
Mattress Firm recognized the importance of bolstering its digital presence, as have many traditional retailers. To enhance its online footprint, the company collaborated with Brightspot to revamp both and its blog, The Daily Doze.
Banner Solutions sought a new e-commerce platform that could overcome limitations, support individual channels and deliver an engaging user experience. After evaluating options like Adobe Experience Manager and Drupal, Banner Solutions chose Brightspot for its flexibility and seamless integration capabilities.

The e-commerce features you need for your CMS

Digital commerce goes beyond simply completing a transaction. Use the power of storytelling to make sure each product delivers maximum content ROI.
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Authoring and collaboration
Create world-class shopping experiences with intuitive creation tools and collaborative features that will make all your content shine.
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Customizable content types and templates
Start creating content on day one with 100+ pre-built content types & templates. Plus, create custom types - either directly on the platform or via code.
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Email newsletters
Reach the right audiences with an integrated martech stack that includes the ability to create and send email newsletters right from your CMS.
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Images and editing
Manipulate individual images for different crop sizes and display options without overriding your source imagery, ensuring a single source of truth.
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Integrated search
Search from anywhere in the CMS to locate content both in and out of the Brightspot platform (including products from, say, your Shopify instance).
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Modular content
Create once, distribute everywhere. With modular content, any asset can be repurposed and reused, saving your teams valuable time and money.
We originally partnered with Brightspot to implement an enterprise CMS that delivered high-quality user experience, which was a success. Now, years later, Brightspot is still ensuring our digital properties embody vivid images, powerful search and compelling stories, and that our editorial content integrates with our auction engine to provide a seamless experience for our users.
Vice President, Platform and Application Strategy

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