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Brightspot CMS case study: Sotheby's
Sotheby’s provides seamless editorial-to-auction integration for more than 600 auctions annually. See how the company’s long-term partnership with Brightspot continues to meet and exceed user expectations with agility and ease.

The Sotheby's challenge

Sotheby’s needed a CMS solution that could better keep pace with the company’s digital innovation—one that didn’t restrict content type options and was easy to maintain without significant development support.

We originally partnered with Brightspot to implement an enterprise CMS that delivered high-quality user experience, which was a success. Now, years later, Brightspot is still ensuring our digital properties embody vivid images, powerful search and compelling stories, and that our editorial content integrates with our auction engine to provide a seamless experience for our users.
Kiddi Hrobjartsson, Sotheby's Vice President, Platform and Application Strategy
Kiddi Hrobjartsson, Sotheby's Vice President, Platform and Application Strategy

The Brightspot solution for Sotheby's

Brightspot’s CMS, with its plethora of third-party integration capabilities, allows for seamless integration with Sotheby’s auction engine. This means users can glide between editorial pages and auction (or "lot") pages with no change to the look-and-feel or functionality—it’s one cohesive experience.

Sotheby's project highlights include:

Sotheby's has been uniting collectors with world-class works of art for more than 250 years
Showcasing a treasure trove of high-end artistic experiences for the leading broker of art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles.
Brightspot powers their new highly engaging user experience
Sotheby’s digital properties can now deliver vivid images, powerful search, and compelling stories and video content.

  • Sotheby’s can manage millions of assets using the built-in digital asset manager, which gives its editorial teams the ability to access and organize a broad set of content. They also can find content quickly based on associated metadata, descriptions and related images.
  • The site houses a dynamic calendar that features ongoing and upcoming auction sales and selling exhibitions, so users are able to filter, sort and search for sales events quickly and easily. Artist- and brand-specific features on the site also allow users to simplify their searches based on interest. 
  • Sotheby’s can easily produce and present content in multiple languages with corresponding URLs and metadata. Users are able to toggle from one language to the next using the global language switcher as well as a one-off translation switcher at the page level.

By the numbers

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