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Brightspot GO packages the power of the Brightspot CMS into a ready-to-build version so that you can launch your own dynamic digital experiences at astonishing speed.

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Choose one of our tailored experiences to see how Brightspot GO can give your organization a head start on launching its digital transformation.
Learn how Brightspot GO’s GraphQL-powered platform gives you the ultimate flexibility in developing your own front-end solutions and helps you manage modular content across endpoints.
Discover how Brightspot GO’s best-in-class publishing, collaboration and workflow tools ensure you deliver your message to the right audiences at the right time.
See how Brightspot GO empowers publishing teams, making it easy to create and deliver high-volume content for audiences across your content ecosystem without sacrificing quality.
Learn how Brightspot GO accelerates your digital marketing efforts by making it easy to create, edit, publish and manage the content at the heart of your customer acquisition strategy.
See how Brightspot GO makes it possible to re-imagine your intranet, ensuring your organization maintains productivity and engagement in a distributed work environment.
Explore how Brightspot GO can help you build your business with integrations designed for inventory management, easy-to-launch product pages and more.

Brightspot GO gives you the same core publishing experience used by some of the world’s largest and most powerful brands.

  • Leverage our robust content authoring and collaboration tools to make creating, editing, publishing, and managing modular content easy and efficient.
  • Work how you want to work with configurable workflows that support your publishing process.
  • Ensure your content looks the way you envisioned before you publish with multi-device preview.

Brightspot GO reduces strain on IT and dev resources without compromising your best-in-class publishing experience so teams can concentrate on what matters most.

  • Save time with pre-configured third-party integrations that connect seamlessly into your unique workflows. 
  • Empower content teams to perform key actions in the CMS without needing IT support.
  • Free your developers and IT teams to focus on strategic work that moves your business forward.

Brightspot GO is designed to support your organization’s ambitions and growth, ensuring you won’t need a new CMS as your organization evolves.

  • Solve for your unique business challenges by using headless, de-coupled or coupled solutions to deliver content how and where you want.
  • Move your roadmap forward fast so you can reach your year two goals in year one.
  • Leverage Brightspot GO’s ultimate front end flexibility to innovate on your content experience now and in the future.

Brightspot GO’s modern digital asset management capabilities give you everything you need to create, manage and publish your digital content.

  • Use Federated Search to find assets within your environment and integrated external sites, saving you time and effort.
  • Leverage advanced capabilities like word proximity, diacritical marks search and exact phrase search to make even your hard-to-find assets easy to discover.

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