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Brightspot GO combines our award-winning CMS capabilities with pre-built content types and integrations—and allows you to take the fastest route to digital transformation.

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A CMS designed to get you going, fast

No need for an agency. No need for an integrator. No need for engineering. (Unless you want to!)

Brightspot GO’s pre-built component library and integrations, combined with powerful front-end tools, make it possible for organizations of all sizes and competencies to create and launch digital experiences at astonishing speed.
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The only CMS that lets you mix and match
front-end approaches
Build front-end experiences in whatever languages, frameworks or IDEs your teams prefer, and connect to Brightspot with industry-leading GraphQL or REST APIs.
Start with hundreds of pre-built content types, templates and modules—and a powerful theming engine—to create customized experiences in days, not months, with or without developers.
Do both
From the same CMS environment, create a headless or decoupled experience—use the approach that works best for the project at hand, not for the entire organization.

Move your business forward faster

Brightspot GO includes pre-built content types plus plug-and-play integrations—saving months in engineering time and costs—as well as a best-in-class user experience and powerful CMS tools. You could spend months (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) working with engineers and integrators to build the perfect CMS… or you could start with Brightspot GO, and achieve your digital transformation goals in weeks.

Pre-built content types, modules
and integrations
Enterprise value

Powerful authoring, preview and collaboration features are built in—saving customers $250,000 of effort to build them from scratch

Possibilities—start with our front ends,
or bring your own

Enjoy the perks of an enterprise CMS

Brightspot GO includes high-value, industry-leading CMS features, including:
Robust content types
Brightspot GO offers a wide array of built-in content types, including articles, pages, galleries and modules. You can instantly create your own custom types—directly through the CMS.
Workflow engine
Create as many workflows as your organization requires, as simple or complex as you need them to be—in minutes, without requiring a developer to create or edit them.
Users, roles and permissions
Our granular user and roles permission system allows admins to create custom roles that set site-, tool- and content-level permissions for all users.
Search and federated search
Robust, faceted search is core to Brightspot GO. Users can access search anywhere in the CMS to locate content. Federated search gives you the ability to search for content in external libraries.
Flexible dashboards
Brightspot GO supports creation and management of dashboards globally, by site, by role or by user, empowering teams to put the most relevant content and tools right where users need them most.
Collaboration tools
With Brightspot GO, teams enjoy an array of collaboration tools, including inline commenting on assets, real-time asset locking per field, and a Conversations widget on every asset.

In good company

Brightspot GO provides content teams with a complete CMS solution, using authoring and collaboration tools that power many of the world’s largest and best-known brands.

Integrate with your tech stack—without writing any code

Third-party integrations can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. That’s why Brightspot GO pre-packages the most popular and most important integrations directly into the platform.

Forget endless development cycles to build and deploy a new integration, and forget throwing money at agencies or integrators to build them… only to be disappointed by the end result.
Did we miss something?
We love building integrations, and we are adding to our library every month. If it’s not here, chances are it’s on our roadmap.

Start publishing on day one

With Brightspot GO, your content team can start creating the moment they log in. Eliminate weeks (or months) spent on planning, building and deploying your content models thanks to more than 100 pre-built content types included in Brightspot GO.
Articles and listicles
The workhorse of any digital experience, articles and listicles support text content, as well as a variety of embeds like images, quotes, videos and social media.
Put the spotlight on your writers with the dedicated author content type, which includes biographies, contact information and recently published content.
Blogs and blog posts
Go deeper and get personal with audiences on specific topics with pre-built blog and blog post content types, which include built-in commenting capabilities.
Contact and custom forms
Leverage our built-in contact us form to help your audience reach you, or use our custom form builder to collect an array of feedback from your customers.
The front door to your digital experience deserves a dedicated content type, and GO delivers—spotlight content, set SEO metadata and deliver a curated experience to your audience.
Image galleries
Tell the story, but with images—galleries are an immersive way to highlight compelling imagery to users. Quickly upload images, reorder, edit captions, credits and other metadata and more.
Enjoy a robust image management toolkit, including default focus settings, crops, editing, as well as image metadata and auto-tagging capabilities—built right into the content type.
Live blogs
Cover events as they unfold in real time with a dedicated timestamped experience, which allows multiple authors to create, pin and highlight a series of microposts.
Pages, sections and tags
Manage taxonomy and build curated or dynamic landing page experiences around specific topics by using Brightspot GO's built-in organizational assets.
Doing a podcast? We’ve got you covered with a dedicated podcast page, episode pages and support for audio files. Includes syndication support for Apple Podcasts and RSS.
Search and search results
Built-in search and search results experience allows you to control available filters and sorts, as well as the ability to boost by certain attributes and spotlight certain results.
Upload video assets or import directly from YouTube or another OVP, then set custom metadata, descriptions, thumbnails and SEO attributes on any video asset.

Get started with Brightspot GO today

Experience the power of Brightspot GO in a live demo, or start your free trial today and see why big brands trust Brightspot for their digital transformations.
  • Design, model and create your own modular content types
  • Integrate Brightspot’s headless GraphQL API
  • Choose any desired front-end platforms
  • Build out your distributed endpoints and content channels
  • Unleash your content teams with an intuitive, publisher-informed CMS
  • Take back control of your content!
  • Create and launch enterprise-class digital content experiences with little to no dev support
  • Experience an intuitive, publisher-informed authoring, editing and collaboration experience built for how you work
  • Create real-time workflows, roles and permissions and localized deployments—without creating a single IT ticket