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Brightspot GO makes it easy to integrate your technology directly into the publishing workflow so you can deliver high-value content and build lasting relationships with customers.

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Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof
Empower your marketing teams—and your business
An unparalleled publishing experience puts the power to create in the hands of your content teams.

  • Launch enterprise-quality digital content experiences at scale in days or weeks, not months or years.
  • Create, edit, preview, publish and syndicate modular content across devices and channels easily and efficiently.
  • Make publishing new microsites, landing pages, website sections and other marketing content as easy as assembling LEGO.
  • Update your site layout, workflows, roles or permissions editorially in your CMS.

Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof
Your digital marketing toolbox
Built to give you everything you need to support your B2B marketing efforts.

  • Integrate your metrics platform, social functionality, feeds, data and services from your agency and technology partners directly into your CMS.
  • Manage your leads with pre-configured lead-generation integrations.
  • Enable sponsored content and event promotion to attract your target audience.
  • Leverage pre-built integrations with your email service provider to power newsletter curation and distribution. 
  • Find anything you need in your CMS as quickly and easily as you find a recipe on Google.

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Make content publishing and workflows a snap
A CMS solution that ensures publishing is easy and efficient

  • Curate media-rich experiences for articles and blog posts directly inline, without having to leave the context of your work.
  • See the search keywords that your site visitors are using to find content so you can identify and respond to search trends quickly and connect your users with the right content.
  • Trade your spreadsheet tracking system for a live dashboard, giving you full visibility into the status of in-production content. 
  • Expedite your content approval process by sending live, in-context preview links to cut down questions and speed up reviews.

Other Brightspot GO Packages

Explore another one of our tailored experiences or get started with your free trial of Brightspot GO.
Brightspot GO’s GraphQL-powered platform gives you the ultimate flexibility in developing your own front ends and helps you manage modular content across channels and endpoints.
Brightspot GO’s best-in-class publishing, collaboration and workflow tools ensure your teams deliver the right message to the right audiences at the right time.
Brightspot GO empowers your publishing teams, making it easy to create and deliver high-volume content across your content ecosystem without sacrificing quality.
Brightspot GO's pre-built third-party integrations seamlessly connect critical data and services directly into your Intranet experience, no coding required.
Brightspot GO helps you build and grow your business with integrations designed for your inventory management and PoP systems, easy-to-launch product pages and more.

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