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Drawing on over a decade of experience launching media sites, Brightspot GO gives you the industry-leading tools and pre-built integrations you need to reach your audiences.

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Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof
Hit the ground running
Designed specifically for media organizations, GO Media gives you the functionality you need to get going fast.

  • Launch enterprise-quality digital content experiences at scale in days or weeks, not months or years.
  • Stop wasting time on complicated workarounds for outdated platforms and delayed publishing timelines.
  • Start publishing quickly with pre-built content types for media like playlists, galleries, listicles and more.  
  • Enable sponsored content, live blogging and podcasts out-of-the-box.

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Complicated publishing needs? No problem.
Brightspot GO lets you publish the way you want to regardless of the complexity of your process.

  • Create content with support for any type of media—photos, videos, podcasts, audio files and more.
  • Configure your roles and permissions for contextual experiences that are personalized for users at all levels. 
  • Maintain control over content development with configurable workflows that enable editors to oversee each step of the process.
  • Customize content templates for local teams or departments to focus teams on only the most essential fields as they complete their work.
  • Publish fast with intuitive data modeling, powerful workflows and much more to save content teams significant time. 

Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof
Your powerful media toolbox
Built to give you everything you need to launch, run and monetize a media site.

  • Leverage pre-configured integrations to support your display and video advertising as well as your newsletter curation and distribution. 
  • Monitor site traffic and user interactions with in-CMS analytics integrations.
  • Find and import videos, images, and .gifs from third-party sources like YouTube, Getty Images or Giphy with Brightspot’s Federated Search capability.
  • Localize content with out-of-the-box translation services or integrate with third-party services. 

Other Brightspot GO Packages

Explore another one of our tailored experiences or get started with your free trial of Brightspot GO.
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Brightspot GO’s best-in-class publishing, collaboration and workflow tools ensure your teams deliver the right message to the right audiences at the right time.
Brightspot GO accelerates your digital marketing efforts by making it easy to create, edit, publish, and manage the content at the heart of your customer acquisition strategy.
Brightspot GO's pre-built third party integrations seamlessly connect critical data and services directly into your Intranet experience, no coding required.
Brightspot GO helps you build and grow your business with integrations designed for your inventory management and PoP systems, easy-to-launch product pages and more.

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