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Introducing Brightspot GO, the new way to launch digital experiences at astonishing speed

A message from David Gang, CEO of Brightspot

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In 2021, we continue to see an evolving digital world—one with growing complexity that has made digital transformation no longer a buzzword or tech trend, but something that’s tangible and essential for businesses to prioritize in order to achieve success now and in the future.

That's why we decided to introduce Brightspot GO, a new way for customers to experience the benefits of our powerful Content Platform.

Brightspot GO allows businesses to launch their own digital experiences at astonishing speed and with significant cost efficiencies, backed by Brightspot’s experience of supporting the digitization efforts of well-known and -loved brands for the last 13 years.

With eyes on transformation, Brightspot GO allows content publishers to get to the next phase of their digital journey. This is especially important today, as companies continue to realize that every business is a content business. Articles, videos, intranet posts, tweets or research reports—whatever the content type, it’s now being consumed by an expanding variety of audiences across a growing number of channels and endpoints, regardless of industry and type of business.

This means companies need to deliver content at speed and volume without sacrificing quality, without exceeding their budgets, and without compromise, and they’re looking for an intuitive and powerful CMS solution to help. With Brightspot GO, any business can continue evolving and progressing to the next phase of its transformation.

At the end of the day, we know companies need to be able to build and launch fast to avoid disruption to their current business and realize ROI sooner. Brightspot GO is the solution that allows you to save time and money, from day one, so that you can grow bigger, faster and smarter, and adapt alongside your customers.

We continue to innovate and move our platform forward as we identify new ways to work with our customers.

Here’s to a bright future.


David A. Gang

Image of Brightspot founder and CEO, David Gang
About the Author
David Gang
As the CEO and co-founder of Brightspot, David Gang manages key customer relationships, while developing and executing strategies to expand the business. Since founding Brightspot in 2008, David has successfully grown the organization to more than 200 employees who are helping enable content-focused teams to work smarter and faster, and more seamlessly move their businesses forward.