Brightspot Headless CMS

Headless CMS or hybrid, give yourself the ultimate flexibility

With Brightspot's flexible architecture, you can go headless to power an API-first design, use our front-end framework—or do both.

Why choose Brightspot headless CMS?

With a headless implementation, back end and front end developers can be working on their parts of the project concurrently.
Ability to mix and match front-end content offerings, meaning the best user experience can be delivered across every device, channel and touchpoint.
Supports organizations in future-proofing their businesses by making it easy to continually evolve alongside new technologies.
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The modular approach of a headless CMS likewise means you're far less likely to have code that's customized for a specific implementation.
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Focus on your business logic
We offer a relatively hands-off solution, which builds generally useful APIs with some simple configuration, but also an advanced solution where developers can customize their APIs to a significantly granular level, all via data modeling.

Brightspot offers automatically generated APIs based on your data models.

With Brightspot's headless CMS solution, there's no need to worry about boilerplate and domain knowledge necessary for building an endpoint from scratch.
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Brightspot's self-describing type system for headless CMS
Enable your developers to easily discover what data types and fields are accessible from Brightspot’s Content Delivery API.

Use whatever front-end programming languages and frameworks you want to create a front-end that talks to the headless APIs

Write your code once and it can be consumed by infinite mediums.

Learn more about headless CMS here

Browse our library of resources for unlocking the full potential of Brightspot for headless CMS implementations, from developer tools and guides to insights for using our headless APIs.
Start here with documentation for your Brightspot Headless CMS integration.
Get access to your Dari data models backed by the Java classes that define them.
The best way to use Brightspot as a headless CMS to power your custom frontend.
GraphQL supports the Content Delivery and Content Management APIs for headless CMS.

image of developers for How to create, extend, and change a content data model using a headless CMS

How headless CMS and GraphQL APIs diversify content delivery

Watch this on-demand webinar for an in-depth guide to headless CMS considerations and the GraphQL query language, including live examples of Brightspot's GraphQL query language in action.

What is a headless CMS?

Headless CMS solutions are a subset of decoupled CMS architecture. With a headless CMS platform, there is no fixed front end—instead, the solution acts as a content-only data source. This allows developers to use a combination of their favorite tools and frameworks to determine where and how content appears.
Learn what a headless content CMS is, how it differs from traditional CMS architectures and how the flexibility of Brightspot's hybrid-headless CMS approach can future-proof your business.
Find out everything you need to know about headless CMS architecture and the questions decision makers need to ask when considering headless CMS for their organizations.
Learn the difference between traditional (or coupled) CMS, decoupled CMS, and headless CMS architecture, as well as the pros and cons for each.
Find out everything you need to know about decoupled CMS architecture and the questions decision makers need to ask when considering different CMS options—headless, decoupled, hybrid—for their organizations.

All Brightspot Features

Brightspot CMS is built by publishers and developers, and is designed to grow with your business.
A robust set of tools to manage sites, content, users and permissions, workflows, languages, and analytics.
Keyword-driven and comprehensive, filterable search and taxonomy features make folders a thing of the past.
Intuitive and designed for the work, including rich-text editing and collaboration features that make teamwork work.
Start publishing content rapidly thanks to built-in, extensible content types including text assets, media, pages and much more.
Drive deeper engagement and personalized experiences by leveraging authentication, profiling, segmentation and affinity features.
Built to be a bridge to all your systems and data, start with one of the 70 plug-and-play integrations, or build your own custom integration.
Meet users where they are thanks to syndication and distribution tools like RSS, sitemaps, SEO tools, social publishing and translation support.
Front-end agnostic means businesses can publish how they want—headless or decoupled—all from the same environment.
Become a Brightspot Global Channel Partner and build a “Better Together” story with Brightspot and your digital content-delivery expertise.

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