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Integration spotlight: Amazon Textract

With the Amazon Textract integration, text of document files within Brightspot objects like PDFs can now be extracted and applied as metadata to make them more easily searchable for users.

image of AWS Amazon Textract logo

Amazon Textract is a machine-learning (ML) document analysis service that intelligently detects and extracts text, handwriting and data from any type of document with no manual configuration or templates required.

Amazon Textract and Brightspot: How it works

With the Amazon Textract integration on Brightspot, publishers can extract text from Brightspot objects like PDFs, JPGs and PNGs and apply them as metadata. Brightspot associates the extracted text with the files, so users can easily search for and use them in their content.

AWS Textract Example.png

Amazon Textract and Brightspot: Use Cases

  • A major media outlet relies on PDFs or scanned-source documents with important information in tables it previously couldn't access. Using Amazon Textract, the team extracts information from tables in PDFs uploaded to Brightspot, enabling editors to search for them in the CMS
  • An automotive e-retailer looking to modernize the car-buying and selling process leverages Amazon Textract to accelerate transactions by automatically capturing and validating data from documents and forms, such as loan applications or vehicle titles, so decisions can be made more quickly. The Brightspot integration enables site editors to quickly access and publish this valuable data.
With Amazon Textract, you can extract text from PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs. Brightspot associates the extracted text with the files, so editors can then search for and use your files in their own content.


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