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Integration spotlight: CloudConvert

Brightspot's CloudConvert integration extracts metadata from text and images inside of assets, then uses that metadata to improve a user's search experience.

Image of CloudConvert logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS

CloudConvert is a universal file converter supporting nearly all audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet and presentation formats. The plugin works in conjunction with digital asset management (DAM) solutions, using the CloudConvert API to convert document formats to text without downloading any software.

CloudConvert and Brightspot: How it Works

With the Brightspot CloudConvert integration, the plug-in automatically extracts text from files uploaded to the CMS and generates a thumbnail that triggers indexing of that file’s content. Editors can then search for file using free text.

    CloudConvert and Brightspot: Use Cases

    • A real-estate investment platform uploads photos and videos of properties into Brightspot to publish to its listings website. CloudConvert converts them into text and indexes them by keywords. Editors can quickly and easily find and publish these assets.
    • A philanthropic foundation is rebuilding its grant database and digital asset management system using Brightspot, which requires importing thousands of documents in various formats. The CloudConvert plugin helps them quickly categorize files based on keywords, accelerating time to program and publish.
    The CloudConvert plugin extracts text from files uploaded into Brightspot, and editors can search for those files using free text. For example, if you upload a Word file, the plugin extracts and indexes the text, making the file searchable.


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